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Why Your Beer Glass Shape Matter?

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Beer Glass

In the past, when you go to a bar, you ask the bartender to give you a glass of beer, and you’re happy getting it in a pint glass. Today, for most people, the beer glass matters as much as the beer they’re drinking. Good bars house as many unique beer glasses as they do beer types. It now comes down to the question – does the beer glass matter? 

In a word, yes.

Just like with wine, the beer glass highlights and brings out the different beer flavours. This doesn’t mean that you have to demand the best lager glass when drinking Miller High Life, but if you’re ready to burn your money on a great tasting craft beer, you might as well maximize the experience and drink it from unique beer glasses

When it comes to beer, the temperature matters, and the kind of glass that you use to serve the beer can accentuate its particular characteristics. As you know, it’s wrong to drink Gillian or Goose Island from a plastic cup. When you use proper glassware, you show that you care about your guests and the service you give them. It’s indicative of the value of the place and the ambience. 

Ways Glassware Impacts Beer Taste

There are two ways specific glassware can impact the taste of your beer

First, it changes the aroma. As most of our taste depends on smell, using the right glass will ensure that the drinker savours all the aroma intended by the brewer. The aroma of the beer is significantly trapped in the beer head, and it can bubble right away if you serve it in a wide-mouth glass. 

Tulip-shaped beer glass with hard angles or smooth curves can keep the aroma in the glass bowl. Hoppy beers that have plenty of aromas will benefit the most from these kinds of glasses as they give you a huge opening for you to stick your nose in. 

Glasses for wheat beers are usually those with curved middle tapering into smaller tops. It’s the glass’ skinny top that keeps the beer head intact so the drinker can soak in the aroma. 

Beer Taste 

Beer glasses are not just for the drinkers’ nose. The most important thing about the right glass is the taste of the beer after it’s poured. While glass can’t magically turn a bad tasting beer into a great one, it can encourage the drinker to experience the full beer experience. A mug or a beer pint glass is ideal for gulping low-alcohol session beers. Small-mouthed beer glasses are for more concentrated, smaller sips. 

For beer bars that are serving in proper glasses, hurray! 

Congratulations, this means you are a proper beer bar. For those who want to experience the luxury of drinking your beer with the brewer-intended aroma and taste, choose your beer glass carefully. 

Now, if you can’t wait to experience that grand beer drinking experience at your own home, buy your beer glass today. For the best and unique beer glasses, feel free to contact websites like Cheers All. They have a vast collection of beer glasses so you can easily find one fit for the beer you love.

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