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Why Should You Consider Parking Lot Striping?

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Parking Lot Striping

Roughly 14 percent of auto collisions happen in the parking lot. A common reason behind it is a false sense of security that pedestrians bring to motorists.

While driving on pedestrian lanes, drivers expect to move more slowly, resulting in them being too complacent about taking the necessary precautions. A simple trip, fall, or slip in the parking lot because of uneven holes and surfaces can also cause severe injuries.

This is why every business needs to consider adding a parking lot striping on their garages. A parking lot striping is also known as traffic markings, which uses paints in ensuring an organized traffic flow for vehicles.

They are usually between 15 to 18 inches long and are performed by professional line striping contractors like C & D Services. Sufficient traffic marking layout consists of durable and bright lining arrows for entrances, exits, and directional flow.

So what can it bring to your business establishment? Scroll down to learn more about the best options.

It Ensures a Safe Workplace

More than half of prospective applicants consider safety as their primary metric in accepting a job offer. One of the traditional yet most cost-effective ways of driving talents into your business is by opting for parking lot striping services.

Proper parking lot striping is essential in guiding your employees to navigate through your office garage. A clearly-striped crosswalk will be hard to miss, thus, reducing the chance of collisions and injuries.

These traffic markings are also essential in the continuous flow of one-way traffic in your parking lot. With appropriate parking lot striping, businesses can create well-defined visual messaging for individuals both in and out of the cars.

Businesses could be held liable for paying lost wages, medical bills, and emotional trauma if someone is injured in the parking lot. Taking the necessary steps to improve the parking lot minimizes liability, so you continue running your business.

Boost Curb Appeal and Impress Clients

Trying to convince prospective clients that you run a profitable business is hard enough, let alone when your parking lot is falling apart. Most clients notice this seemingly mundane yet important detail and start judging your business operations by how it looks on the outside.

Make sure to leave a great first impression by maintaining your garage and by using parking lot striping to set you apart from places with old and faded structures. Traffic markings also help prevent door dings and ensure that lines are clearly marked to avoid congestion during parking.

Poor striping usually leads to drivers haphazardly parking in a spatially inefficient manner. A well-planned parking lot striping assures that you are maximizing every square foot to accommodate vehicles of all sizes, from SUVs to sedans.

Provide Handicapped Access

The American Disabilities Act requires every establishment to designate accessible parking spaces for disabled employees, clients, and customers.

Proper parking lot striping will effectively highlight these spaces to ensure that you are not only complying with the standards but also offering convenience for individuals with disabilities.

Besides handicapped spaces, you can also use parking lot striping to mark fire lane areas and further ensure safety.

Traffic markings bring a host of benefits that could take your business into greater heights.

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