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Why Podcasts Have Gained Popularity?

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Well, studies show that the audience for podcasts has increased over the years. The question still remains, “why the sudden surge in popularity?” Psychologists suggest that your mind can process narratives better than logic.

They also claim that stories can shape the way you understand things. The brain releases oxytocin when you listen to stories; oxytocin is the hormone that handles feelings of empathy. Studies show that you can remember information better when it is provided in the form of a story.

Podcasts provide you with incredible stories and information that you can process and remember with ease. Below are the reasons why the podcast format is gaining popularity.

It uses a storytelling strategy to pass information

Podcasts use storytelling when talking about abstract topics to help bring the subject to life and make it more interesting for the listener. For instance, issues related to economics are woven together to sound more like a story. Hence,  you enjoy and understand the content while listening to the podcast.

Triggers visualization

Podcasts are audio-centric, so you have to imagine and visualize what you’re hearing. You can paint mental pictures of the story while listening to it.

The human mind is very creative, and it draws a mental picture of the information that’s fed to it. Podcasts provide you with an opportunity to do that. As you listen to the content, you can almost picture the narrator, the characters in the story as well the scenario.

A good example is the fantasy football podcast. It’s not only an enjoyable thing to listen to, but it also provides you with information on the latest matches and the players that performed well in that week.

Best way to pass time

In ancient days, children and adults spent their time listening to stories. Some of them were fictional, but they were still enjoyable. Grandparents would sit with their grandchildren and narrate their life stories as a way to pass the time.

Podcasts provide the same experience, although in different ways.

Today, you don’t have to wait for the next season’s football competition. With the internet, you can enjoy any fantasy football podcast at any time. Listening to a podcast is an excellent way of passing the time and receiving information. 

Flexible stay time

Whether you like listening to long episodes or short ones, a podcast is the best way to go. It will provide you with what you need at whatever time. You don’t have to wait for a particular show at a specific time, like with a radio. You can listen to a podcast of your choice at any time. 


The good thing about podcasts is that they make for a great companion when driving. Also, you can listen to it while you do your chores like washing dishes, doing laundry, or even cooking. Moreover, you can listen to it wherever you are and at whatever time. In other words, a podcast allows you to use your time productively.

Bottom Line

As the popularity of a podcast escalates, ensure that you listen to beneficial information. You don’t want to waste time listening to something that won’t be helpful in your life. Like all other products in the market, don’t hurry to listen to any podcast, select your podcast topic carefully and then sit back and relax. 

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