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Why is GTA San Andreas One of the Best Games Ever?

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GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is considered one of the best, not because of a single awesome aspect, but rather because of all the brilliant little things that San Andreas does differently from games of that era. So let’s look at some, here of a few reasons why San Andreas stands out above the rest.

The Soundtrack:

San Andreas creates more of a dynamic feel within its soundtrack, indulging its players. This dynamic feel is achieved mainly because during recording the DJ’s had more than one script, and secondly because the order of songs sometimes changes. This soundtrack makes the radio stations feel less repetitive, which also makes the game feel less boring.

You might be hearing the song for the twentieth time, but what the DJ says in between might be different. And in a game as long as San Andreas, this dynamic aspect allowed San Andreas’s soundtrack maintain a certain level of freshness for the players.

Stealth Missions:

The stealth element in San Andreas is that you aren’t confined to the rules created by the game. You are never shoehorned into one play style but instead, are given the freedom to complete any mission that might call for discretion however you see fit.

You can rush in guns-blazing; maybe you can sneak around and strike against unsuspecting enemies. Of course, the opposite is true too: there’s nothing stopping you from being the ultimate GTA badass one-man-army. The end goal is the same in both situations, but you have a bit more freedom, relative to the other games, to decide how you want to play the game.

The Kinds of Vehicles Available to the Player:

Another great thing that sets San Andreas apart is its vehicle offerings.  Everyone remembers those cool BMX bikes, there is something that special in those GTA bikes.

However, the real game changer is planes and jets in San Andreas. The satisfaction to fly from Los Santos to San Fiero with the snap of a finger, maybe it’s being able to use the middle of the road as your private runway, or maybe it’s being able to soar to obscene heights and then jump out. One thing is certain: flying is freaking awesome.

The Size of San Andreas:

San Andreas is set in one big county complete with three diverse cities, a side of it is countryside, and several small towns in between. The map is well thought out and adds another dimension that makes San Andreas feel like the biggest GTA yet.

Now we all know that sometimes bigger doesn’t equal better, but San Andreas’s size really works in its favor. It gives the player to play around, to explore more in San Andreas. More sights to see, more things to do.

The Character Development and RPG Elements:

Out of every GTA, San Andreas has the most depth because of how much freedom you’re given to make CJ your own. Such player customization options make it feel like there is way more to do in San Andreas than just mission.

Today customizing the player seems simple but it wasn’t a thing in 2004. Wardrobe changes were first introduced in GTA since Vice City, but San Andreas also allows you to change CJ’s haircut and give him tattoos. More than that, San Andreas lets you fiddle around with CJ’s fitness level, & feed your character fast foot or go to the gym.

This character customization even affects the player progress in the game. They impact how your character is perceived (sex appeal and respect) and how he performs—a fitter CJ is much stronger and had more stamina than a fat CJ, while a fatter CJ is much funnier to watch trying to sprint.

This became a staple for the sandbox games for years to come.

The main reason for GTA San Andreas is gamers still play them and praise it till date regardless of its graphical deficiency. The game still feels playable today.

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