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Why Do You Need an Attorney When Filing for a Patent?

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While it is true that you won’t need the help of a patent attorney when applying for a patent for your invention, this only applies in some cases. 

However, if you are planning to file for a patent for your invention, it is advised to ask for assistance, knowledge, and expertise of the best patent attorneys in town, it could increase your chances of getting your idea patented. Especially when it’s millions of dollars in profit that you are talking about. 

What are the things that you need to know for you to file a patent without seeking help from patent attorneys?

If you are not sure whether you’ll hire some of the best patent attorneys that you know or not, you need to make sure that you are knowledgeable and well-versed on these things:

You Can Write A Comprehensive And Detailed Description Of Your Invention

This point is crucial, especially when you know that there is a similar invention that can be compared to yours. Being able to write a comprehensive and detailed description of your invention can help in explaining how yours is different from the pre-existing invention that is somehow related or similar to what you came up with.

You Should Know If Your Invention Can Be Patented

Running a patent search before you file for a patent application is necessary. It helps you by knowing if there is a previous invention is already patented. If there is one, you can modify or revamp your invention before you file for a patent. Doing this will increase your chance of getting your invention patented.

You Should Know How You Can Show Your Invention Through A Drawing Or A Prototype

You can imagine what you want your finished product to be, but not everyone can turn their vision to an actual material, which is a big no-no when applying for a patent.

You have to show the patent officers that your invention is new, useful, and non-obvious, and you can only show them this when you have an elaborate and detailed drawing or manufacture a prototype of the invention. 

Even when you only lack knowledge in one of these things mentioned above, you would still need the help of a patent attorney to make sure that your patent application will go through 100%. Many issues that arise when a novice (especially when you haven’t done this before) files a patent application without being fully equipped with knowledge. 

An example of an issue that may arise is when a competitor steals your idea. If you have applied for a patent and not address a situation when an infringement happens, it may cause you to lose the invention that you have worked hard to protect, making your patent useless in this case. 

In addition to that, hiring a patent attorney can also aid you in determining whether or not your invention can generate a considerable profit, which is useful, of course, for you to save your time and the right amount of money before filing for a patent.

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