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6 Best Entertainment Platform to Watch Movies on Demand

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watch movies on demand

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I am going to share information with you all about which platform is best for watch movie on demand. Since, lots of people are confused and unaware of the platforms available in the market which provide services of movies on demand and offer the best services, I find the need to share my knowledge with you people and assist you.

Nowadays, one of the major issues that we all are facing is lacking time for ourselves. Lives are on the roller coaster these days. People miss their favourite shows and movies because of unavailability of time. There is the need for time management so that one could find time for itself. That is the reason why the concept of the movie on demand emerges.

Now, people can watch movies or their favourite program according to their demand on their schedule, anywhere.

So, here is the information regarding some of the entertainment websites and mobile applications available online.

Best Entertainment Platform to watch movies on demand.

watch movies on demand

1- Turner Classic Movie – TCM stands for Turner Classic movie. TCM is one of the best entertainment platforms for the Classic films, series, and shows. TCM has the massive amount of classic cinema in their film library.

TCM provides the facility of movies on demand and schedules it according to the need of the viewers. This TCM schedule is classified into three formats such TCM daily schedule, TCM weekly schedule, and TCM monthly schedule.

Turner Classic Movies is also available on mobile. Android and IOS users can download the TCM mobile app, and it’s also available on amazon fire TV. Choose your TCM Schedule and watch movies on demand.

Here is a link to TCM official website- http://www.tcm.com/

 2- The Criterion Collection- The Criterion collection is a home video distribution. It has collections of classic and contemporary movies.

The Criterion collection provides movies on demand. It gives the additional downloading feature on demand at $5.00 only. And it sells the DVD in the range of $30.00 to $40.00 per disc.

Here is the link to The Criterion Collection- https://www.criterion.com/

 3- USA Network – USA network is an American based cable service provider, and the most popular cable network in America.

It broadcasts series and theatrically-released feature films and as well as sports programs. It’s very trusted cable network in the USA as there are 95 million households’ users of this network in the United States.

USA Network provides movies and TV series on demand at home and mobile. It has also launched a mobile app for Android and IOS users and also available on amazon fire TV.

Here is the link for mobile users- http://www.usanetwork.com/app

4- Netflix- Netflix is an American entertainment company. It’s specialized for live streaming videos including movies, TV series.

It’s the biggest seller of virtual DVD through mail anywhere in the USA. Netflix is currently operating in more than 190 countries, including US and India. It costs $9 per month.

  • Netflix is available on devices such as Smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Chrome cast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players and more.
  • Watch On Mobile through an app.
  • Or Watch Live streaming videos on www.netflix.com.

5- Amazon Prime Videos – Amazon started with selling books online and now it becomes the biggest shopping mall online. It also broke into media streaming market with Amazon prime videos.

It streams thousands of channels, movies, series, and programs. It started off as a pay-per-view service provider but gained a lot of attention of the consumers and viewers, therefore it started subscription based service. It costs $8.25 per month or $99 yearly.

Click on this link and enjoy Amazon videos- https://www.primevideo.com/

6- Hulu Plus – It was launched in 2007 as a joint venture of veteran media broadcasters NBC Universal, Fox Broadcasting, and Disney-ABC, three major media platforms. It was initially free for some time but once it gained a lot of attention from the viewers, then it started rolling out on the monthly subscription basis. It costs $7.99 per month.

In the collection of TV shows and series, it is far forward than Netflix and Amazon. But the only problem with Hulu plus is there are commercials in between.

Click on this link and enjoy Hulu Plus- https://www.hulu.com

Conclusively, Netflix and Amazon Prime are the two most recommendable platforms for movie watchers and sports lovers. However, when it comes to TV shows then Hulu Plus should be preferred.

It is my pleasure to share my knowledge. Thanks you for reading. Please like, comment and share.

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