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What is FilmStruck – Everything you need to know?

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All the movie fans having preferences for Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinese movies are facing disturbances in the current leading streaming platforms. However, there is a one of the easiest and less complex place for the movie lovers, called FilmStruck.

Here is the brief introduction to it and its services, which are customized for cinephiles.

What is FilmStruck?

FilmStruck is, on of the streaming service co-produced by TCM, with association to Criterion Collection, which was launched on 2 November, 2016.

The art houses, collection of movies, either foreign or classics over Amazon or Netflix have been dubious always, so even a slight improvement could lead to the room of big opportunities & growth to the new streaming platform.

Over and above one year experience showed that FilmStruck has been live up to the expectations and then, their offerings satiated movie choices.

Availability of FilmStruck

Currently, FilmStruck is operating in United States of America, France, Spain and United Kingdom only. However, they are developing themself and reaching to the rest of the world.Also, it can be accessed by

  • Amazon Fire devices
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple TVs

Besides that, it is also supported by devices like Roku, Android devices, Desktop, Laptops etc.

What’s new on FilmStruck?

In the month of June, Lone StarWhite Heat, Grand Hotel etc. are going to be on the watchlist of the viewers. This July, there is going to be the long list of movies and series’ on FilmStruck likeNew Jack City, Almost Holy, TheEnemy, Grand Prix, Klute, Big Wednesday, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, etc.

How much FilmStruck charges?

The services are divided into two packages: the first one is a subscription to FilmStruck which is programmed by TCM and which cost around $6.99 per month.The other package cost around $10.99, which provide services from both, FilmStruck and as well as Criterion Collection.

The second package is the more beneficial way to go about it, as it provides unlimited access to more than 1,000 films in Criterion’s permanent collection.

As of now, there are 500 movie titles currently available on FilmStruck and in which there are 200 movies that are come from Criterion’s library, which is enough to differentiate between the two services.

How FilmStruck took an edge?

There are chances where providing too many choices to the customer could result in the unfavorable situation for the service provider, however, FilmStruck won an edge over this concern, as both Film Struck and Criterion Channel being an associate, programmed like a revival movie house.

FilmStruck started with the ‘The Masters series’ spotlighting 26 movies directed by international director Aikra Kurosawa; Icons celebrates Marcello Mastroianni with 16 films.

Also, there are smaller inventive collections like the nine titles in Political Documentaries, or the four movies, including A Room with a view and summertime, in a smart little grouping called The Beauty of Italy.

TCM’s service is programmed in many ways to be the ideal point of entry into art house independent and International cinema.

It means that it aimed to develop a sense among the viewers, what should they and why should they watch it. It’s intended to be welcoming, approachable—especially for people who may be new to this kind of cinema.

What are the problems faced by FilmStruck?

Likewise others FilmStruck is also facing some sort of problems such as there is no automatic deletion of the movie from watch list after it is watched, this is bizarre to some viewers, especially to cinephiles.

If the movie which is already watched has removed from watch list then it will be easier to find a new one on the list, otherwise one has to keep searching the whole list.

Also, improve the experience of discovering films by recommending similar films by director, time period, actors, and themes. Add the ability to favorite movies to make it easy to find films that I enjoyed, which can also be used for recommendations.


FilmStruck is a new and innovative streaming platform which could set a benchmark if the improvisation is always thereon. Also, there is the huge platform for FilmStruck waiting outside in the world.

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