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What is Concierge Healthcare – Is it For You?

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Concierge Healthcare

Everyone complains about the time one has to wait before seeing a doctor. It usually takes longer to see the doctor; it also takes longer to also get a prescription. Finally, when a patient gets to see the doctor, the doctor spends just a few moments with them despite the long wait time expended.

Should one consider concierge practice, the answer is clear. During a trip to the family doctor, how much time is allowed for a patient to carefully explain how one feels before interruption? Are the nurses or doctors even interested in listening to a patient or they seem more interested in their computers and other engagements than listening to a patient?

Everyone has experienced this at one point or the other with medical professionals and the healthcare in general and it isn’t flattery when asked to choose between conventional medical practice and a concierge physician.

While many doctors truly desire a difference in how services are rendered, there isn’t much of a choice to make. Doctors are programmed to attend to as many people as possible to meet up with their financial demands and guess what, this translates into making a clinic crowded and it irks many patients because more than often many people feel they don’t get the needed attention their condition requires.

What is a concierge in a hospital?

A few years back, a concerned medical expert named Howard Moran thought there should be a change in the way these issues are handled and pushed for a change. He started a model where few amounts of patients are handled and are given highly-attentive medical attention and patients are made to pay a specialized fee to be enlisted just like with attorneys and accountants. Such fees charged are often added to, or in lieu of regular administrative fees that are billed to insurance providers.

This system allows helps to keep the structure afloat while better medical attention and service is provided to just a handful of patients ( typically reducing the number of patients to just about one-tenth of the number in the conventional primary healthcare service ).

Sadly, healthcare insurance providers do not cover this practice at the moment, so this means that patients are required to pay for these services personally, but guess what, if the services are exceptional, then it may be worth it. Patients who enlist for these services are advised to have a separate insurance record in case of highly specialized medical treatment like radiological testing, laboratory tests are required.

A concierge physician attends to patients on the same or next day basis, long queues for appointments or prescription are avoided, direct access to a personal physician round the clock is readily available. House calls when the need arises, continuing healthcare provision if hospitalization is necessitated, audiometric screening, cardiovascular and cancer risk screening are all catered for by a concierge physician.

What’s more, great care is given in preventive care, patients are carefully attended to without rush. Coordination with medical specialists if needed is handled by a concierge physician, and health care records made available in good time on CDs or flash drives, etc.

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