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What is a Criterion Movies Library?

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Criterion Movie Library

The Criterion Movie Library is an online streaming service that works as an on-demand feature. Criterion has the most extensive collection of old and new movies in every genre. It can also be described as a home video distribution company that licenses and sells movies.

The Criterion collection provides the movie on demand. It gives the additional downloading feature on demand at $5.00 only. And it sells the DVD in the range of $30.00 to $40.00 per disc.

Criterion Movies Library

Criterion has a huge movie collection of 1700 movies from Classic and contemporary era.  You can even find rare foreign films in criterion library. It releases its movies either in DVD or Blu-ray disc. Or you can stream them online. Criterion action movies or animated movies from the classic era are hard to find anywhere else.

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The complete Criterion Movies list is tough to find. However, we have found you a link which might be the closest to it. Or you can just visit their official site and search the movie you like. If you want to see it, you can order the disc or watch criterion movies online. However, this IMDb link will help filter out movies according to your choices.

Criterion Movies Streaming

After the closing of the beloved “FilmStruck”, many cinephiles were upset with the fact they can’t stream criterion movie collection online. However, there is some good news for them. Criterion is starting its own streaming services, but it will kick off in the spring of 2019. Now in the meanwhile, viewers can still enjoy criterion movies online via various media libraries like Kanopy, Fandor. You can even download the film for 48 hours.

Note: You won’t find every movie on these media libraries due to some legal restrictions.

Criterion Movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime:

One could watch criterion movies on Netflix/ Amazon Prime, but not all of them are available, and even the quality is on the lower side for classic films. Having said that this is an exhaustive list of Criterion movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime.

Note: The same can be said about Criterion movies on YouTube or other streaming services.

Criterion Best Movies of all Time

Let me suggest you some of the best Criterion movies of all time. This list will involve Criterion action movies or animated movies or any other genre including foreign films over all the years.

  • “Mulholland Drive,” (2001)
  • “The Seven Samurai,” (1954)
  • “Pan’s Labyrinth,” (2006)
  • “The Night of the Hunter,” (1955)
  • “12 Angry Men,” (1957)
  • “Do the Right Thing,” (1989)
  • “House,” (1977)
  • “In the Mood for Love,” (2000)
  • “Persona,” (1966)
  • “Dr. Strangelove,”(1964)

The criterion movie library is the warehouse of movie collection. so, guys, you can enjoy it.

Check out for the information here – https://www.criterion.com/

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