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What are the Royal Titles in Order?

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Royal Titles

Most of us are familiar with the terms queen, king, prince, and princess but many times Media spokesperson mess it up or address someone with inappropriate Royal titles. So, we thought of giving you a guide about the British Monarch, if you ever visit the aisle you can flaunt your knowledge using this guide.

King and Queen

If the head is a man, he passes by the title king, however, if he is the husband of a  female monarch, then he does not get the title of the king, he’s a prince. The title of a queen is given in two cases: a queen who inherit the throne by her birth-right and is called “queen regnant” (Eg – Elizabeth II), while a “queen consort” is the wife of the reigning king (so Kate Middleton can become a queen consort).

Duke and Duchess

A duke or duchess is the member of the royal family that ranks right after the monarch. Generally, princess and princesses will hold dukedoms, much the same as Kate and Will. Prince Charles is also titled the Duke of Cornwall, and keeping in mind that his wife Camilla, in fact, has the title Princess of Wales, she passes by her other title, Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince and Princess

The titles prince and princess are given to the monarch’s children. Eg – in 1987 Queen Elizabeth raised her little girl Princess Anne’s title to Princess Royal.

The grandkids born to sons of the monarch (for instance, Prince William or Princess Beatrice) also get the title prince or princess, yet some grandkids who are a girl (for instance, Zara Phillips) don’t get the title. This means just because your grandparents are king or queen doesn’t mean you’re a prince or princess!

After these, the ranks follow in this order:

  • Marquees / Marchioness
  • Earl / Countess
  • Viscount / Viscountess
  • Baron / Baroness
  • Baronets
  • Knight / Dame
  • Esquire
  • Gentlemen / Lady

Ancient Rome hierarchy

Much of the British hierarchy’s structure comes from that of the Roman Empire. Everyone in Europe uses a variant of these with their own little Latin suffix or prefix

  • Imperator / Caesar (Emperor)
  • Rex / Regina (King / Queen)
  • MagnusDux / MagnaDucissa (Grand Duke / Grand Duchess)
  • Archidux / Archiducissa (Archduke / Archduchess)
  • Dux / Ducissa (Duke / Duchess)
  • Princeps / Principissa (Prince / Princess)
  • Prorex / Proregina (Viceroy / Vicereine)
  • Marchio / Marchionissa (Marquees / Marchioness)
  • Comes / Comitissa (Earl / Countess)
  • Vicecomes / Vicecomitissa (Viscount / Viscountess)
  • Baro / Baronissa (Baron / Baroness)
  • Eques (Knight / Dame)
  • Nobilis Homo (N.H.) (Gentleman / Lady)

Roman Empire has long fallen but we can clearly see it impacts on the people of Europe, Royal titles are one such example.

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