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Turner Classic Movie- An Entertainment Plateform For Classic Viewers

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Turner Classic Movie

Hello, Friends,

Today, I’m very excited to talk and share about Turner Classic Movie network and its features. A brief history of TCM, it was launched in 1994 as a basic cable and satellite television network, owned by Turner Broadcasting System a subsidiary of Time Warner. There are lots of people who are the biggest fans of TCM channels as it is one of the best channels which provide service of watching classic movies on-demand.

It is the edge of the channel that it provides movie-on-demand over other TV channels. There are still channels bigger and older that TCM but they are lacking perfect broadcasting and choices on demand. But Turner Classic Movies take care of all the demands of its viewers. It has a collection of thousand old and recent movies, TV series and documentaries. It broadcasts the Classic theatrical release featured films from Turner film library.

It covers old and gold movies from several film studios such as warner bros, Time Warner, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, etc. and also, have to license deals with other Hollywood film studios. Turner Classic Movies is an American based broadcasting network but it also serves in the European Continent and African Continent.

Why Is Turner Classic Movie much famous for people of all age?

TCM is gaining popularity among youngsters as well as among seniors. It is the perception in the minds of people that movies in previous decades are meant to be seen. They were actual movies and nowadays all is done for the business, money grabbing. Since it broadcasts movies and TV shows from the previous 4 or 5 decades which hardly available to anyone, it is the preference of the people. The viewers are always excited to watch old Classic film.

It covers exposure of all types of genres in old and new movies such as Drama, Comedy, Romance, Crime, Adventure and much more. It broadcasts movies and TV shows on daily, weekly and monthly scheduled basis which maybe can create confusion for the viewers. That’s why it is recommended to go to the website where the schedule of preferable movies and shows can be found. It’s a popular entertainment platform for classic movies lovers.

If anyone does not watch TV and uses Smartphone, then there is an option to watch the live streaming on TCM, directly from personal devices.

Check this links for live streaming- –http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/livestream/?ecid=subnavwatchlive 

TCM Channels Released TCM Mobile App For iOS and Android Users.

I am happy to share a good news with viewers. now you can stream videos on mobile and tablet. Because it released the app which available in play store and iTunes store. You can download the mobile app and enjoy movies anywhere anytime on demand.  this is also available in Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire TV.:-).

Watch TCM app is very easy to use Classic movie lovers. It will work on your existing satellite connection or new connection. First, You go to download,  Android and iOS, both users can download the mobile app here-

Turner Classic Movie

For IOS users-

Click on this links and download IOS app- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/watch-tcm/id341161319?ls=1&mt=8

For Android users-

Click on this links and download android app- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tcm.tcm

Note- Turner Classic Movies is also available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire TV. If you have a subscription to Amazon TV, then you can enjoy classic movies there.

TCM Schedule- Daily, weekly and Monthly

To increase the inflow of traffic inflow on their network, TCM keeps on updating information regarding the schedule of the shows, series and movies. Majorly, this schedule is updated on the weekly and monthly basis.

Turner Classic Movie


TCM daily schedule starts at 6 AM to 6 PM means 24 hours broadcasting on mobile, Amazon Fire TV and as well as on an official website. Link for the daily basis schedule chart is given below.

Click on this link- http://www.tcm.com/schedule/?ecid=mainnav2schedule

Link for the weekly basis schedule chart is given below.

Click on this link and see the weekly list- http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html

Monthly Schedule highlights for classic viewers who want to know about which movies will run this month. So, check this links to monthly highlights- http://www.tcm.com/this-month/

It also provides another feature for viewers who like to watch movies at home on DVD Player. If anyone wishes to view videos on a DVD player, then he can purchase his favourite movie DVDs from TCM’s official sites and make his movies collection at home.

Click here to reach official website of TCM: http://www.tcm.com/

I hope this article will help you to understand about Turner Classic Movie and their latest features. Please share this link.

Thank you.

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