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Tripod Selfie Stick Buying Guide – Selfies with a Hands-Free Stand & Remote

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Tripod Selfie Stick

Time has seen the revolutionization of electronics to what was unimaginable a few years back. Selfie sticks have not been left behind. From the introduction of the front camera to selfie sticks to the tripod selfie stick, selfie lovers can’t wipe smiles off their faces.

A tripod selfie stick lets you take photos without the help of your friends. Bye bye to asking strangers to capture those great moments for you!

However, we cannot ignore the infiltration of the market with similar products that are not authentic. They may be pocket-friendly and bearing all the features you are looking for in a tripod selfie stick, but they are a total flop.

We have sifted through the chaff to give you these top options for the best tripod selfie sticks in the market to guide your purchasing decisions.

Fugetek selfie stick and tripod

The Fugetek selfie stick and tripod is more than just a selfie stick. The design is simple yet intuitive. Even if it is your first time using a selfie stick, it will take you no time at all to figure out how it works.

This is not your average selfie stick! It is built to last with heavy-duty aluminum and, handles that are non-slip. The Bluetooth remote lets you take photos from a distance.

The battery can last up to an hour and is easily rechargeable using a USB cable. It can fully extend up to your roof for those stand-alone photos. It is also compatible with a wide range of cameras and Android and iPhone devices.

Going for a hike? No need to worry because our selfie stick is lightweight, and waterproof too! If you don’t like it or it has a malfunction, it comes with a one-year warranty.

Erligpowht selfie stick and tripod

This selfie stick comes with features you cannot find elsewhere. It has a magnetic attraction that connects the handle with a powerful magnetism; you only need to put it in the magnetic area.

It is super lightweight and convenient to carry around. You can choose any angle to your liking as it’s built with 360 degrees rotation ability. Its maximum extension is 3.5 inches only. It is best compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

UBeesize extendable monopod with tripod stand

This device is a good value for money as it gives satisfactory long term service. It can support up to 1.5 lbs. It’s compatible with Android and iPhone devices. It’s also light to carry around. Its simplicity to mount and use is a charm. You can easily switch between selfie mode and tripod mode using your remote.

Kusky selfie stick tripod

Integrating aspects of a monopod in the tripod selfie stick, this device comes with a Bluetooth remote that can allow you to capture perfect pictures as far as thirty feet. It’s fit to capture selfies, group photos, live videos at an event you will be spoilt for choice. It can rotate to an angle of 225 degrees. It Is also foldable to minimize the space needed for storage.

If you are looking to join the selfie verse, bear in mind the size, compatibility, durability, and easy to use. Buy one that you can mount a camera on too. Ensure you buy from a reputable seller that gives a warranty. Enjoy your tripod selfie stick experience!

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