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Top10 Hidden Romantic Gems in Hollywood Movies

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Hidden Romantic Gems

Hollywood produces a lot of movies so it’s quite possible that some might slip under the radar. So we thought to present some of these hidden romantic gems which you should and must watch with your partner.

#1 – The Holiday

The Holiday is a must watch the movie. With stars like Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Cameroon Diaz and Jude Law are all too perfect for their role. Watch it for the wonderful little snow-loaded house in London, and obviously the beautiful couples.

#2 – Love Actually

Here is one movie that shows the love story of not one, but eight couples! Situated in London, maybe the loveliest places to be in the long stretch of Christmas, this one is as romantic as it can get. People fall in love, people fall out of love, there are crushes and heartbreaks, just like in life.

#3 – When Harry met Sally

This is not your typical romantic movie. In this movie, we actually don’t see the couple ever romanizing or even flirting for that matter. But then the way they meet at different interval of life and failure they have effects they personality and the way they see each other changes. This is one to watch for.

#4 – P.S. I Love You

The piercing story of a young widow who allows life another opportunity, guided by letters from her dead spouse, is a flat-out tragedy. Featuring Gerard Butler, Hillary Swank, and Jeffrey Morgan, this is one picture you can watch again and again. Also, it’ll melt your heart each and every time.

#5 – Never Been Kissed

What would you do if you got a chance to re-live your high school days? A youthful correspondent played by Drew Barrymore turns her life around when she gets the chance to go to high school again for a research story for his job. An absolutely fun watch, the movie depicts everyone desire to go back to a place in our life and rectify our mistakes.

#6 – She’s The Man

When Voila plans to disguise herself as her brother and head to boarding school to fulfill her dream of being on the school’s football team, but things don’t go her way and she will end up falling in love with her roommate, the handsome Chaining Tatum. All this confusions and hitches make for a hysterical movie.

#7 – No Strings Attached

A guy who gets you carrots because you told him you don’t like flowers and makes you a mixed tape for that time of the month – meet Adam aka Ashton Kutcher! Adam and Emma decide to become friends with benefits, yet life has different plans for them. Straightforward and sweet, watch it for the couple’s steaming hot chemistry.

#8 – 50 First Dates

How would you feel if you get to go to 50 first dates, with the same person? Henry falls in love with Lucy, who has a transient memory loss. So he can either forget her or get up each morning and try charm her once more like every day.

#9 – Reality Bites (1994)

Ben Stiller’s Reality Bites, is not your normal love triangle. The three characters in the movie represent a person in different stages of life. So you will root for different characters when you watch it in different stages of life. Such is the magic! Reality Bites decides to show complex characters who aren’t only the young lady, the hero, and the troublemaker. Love is muddled and confused and when you’re youthful you make faulty, if not through and through idiotic, choices.

#10 – Amour (2012)

As the title suggests, the movie is full of love. But it’s the sort of love that everyone can relate to and not just some fairy-tale which is doomed for a happy ending. The movie takes its audience on a journey which is sad, challenging, heartbreaking, and, in some ways, terrifying. Does amour explore love in a different way, its demanding sacrifices and, how far we are willing to go for it?

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