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Top Apps and Services for Your College Study

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Anymore, it seems like we can find anything we need with just the press of a button. Well, we pretty much can! For students, this means that many of the challenges faced day-to-day have modern solutions or at least a little something to help you along. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of these apps and services that will make student life much easier.

Essay Writing Services

Every Student knows the feeling. You’re swamped with work, you’ve been studying for a big test all week, and then a friend text you. They want to know if you completed the essay due tomorrow, but you completely forgot! Or, maybe, there’s an idea for an essay and it’s just hard to put it into words.

This is where college essay writers can be a great help. These services usually entail helping students write, rewrite, and edit their pieces. These can vary widely too from historical analysis to business proposals.

Essay Writing

Grammar and Spelling Help

Even if it isn’t a full paper, students are going to write a lot in their academic lifetime. To put their best foot forward (and earn good grades) they’re going to need to be careful about grammar. Misspelled words or missed commas are some of the fastest ways to lose points with professors.

Of course, there is the standard word check on word processing applications. However, these don’t usually catch as much as a user would hope. That’s why apps such as Grammarly have made their way to the forefront. They offer a more in-depth review of writing and catch more minor details such as comma splices.

Studying Apps

Studying Apps

If there’s one thing that’s always true for anyone in college, it’s that reviewing information is an essential rule to passing any course. But, for many, this is often easier said than done. Not to mention, it can be time-consuming to create your own study aids such as flashcards.

Apps like Quizlet can be helpful here. Not only can a student make their own study aids, but it’s also a platform open to anyone. This means flashcards can be shared among users and resources can be collaborated on for the best academic experience possible.


This may seem like an obvious choice when it comes to services that will help you, but it can’t be overlooked. Tutoring gets a bad name that it doesn’t deserve sometimes. It can be for anybody, but many are embarrassed if they need a little extra help from a tutor.

Taking advantage of tutoring, though, can help your grades soar. Most campuses offer their own tutoring opportunities on a variety of subjects. These campus tutors are also typically free to make learning as accessible as possible.

Collaboration Apps

Working on projects in groups is a hallmark of college life. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a group together. This difficulty only gets higher when the group is larger. In these cases, a platform that you can all work together from a distance.

There are a lot of options when it comes to this. Google Drive is one of the most popular choices as it allows collaboration from many computers and has a chat feature. Microsoft Office also has an online version that’s useful in this sense as well.


Being in college can be a challenging point in life. Yet, that doesn’t mean you’re alone. There are products and services that can be incredibly helpful. With the resources we’ve looked at here, you can make classes, studying, and completing assignments a lot less overwhelming.

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