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Top 4 Features Every Childcare Management System Should Have

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Childcare Management System

When shopping for a childcare management system, you must know the features to look for by defining your goals. Once you have identified your pain point, check if the system provides you with a way to solve this problem.

However, knowing some of the basic features a system provides is vital in making your choice. This article helps you with that. 

Features Every Childcare Management System Should Have

  A Parental Portal 

One of the best ways to acquire new customers is to allow parents to register online from the comfort of their homes and offices. This will ease the headache associated with bringing their kids to your center to fill out paperwork, make payments, and provide vital documents such as immunization reports.

Using an online platform is convenient and less hassle. Once you receive a parent’s information, you save everything electronically, which eases the work on your end as well. Your staff will not have to create and update folders, giving them more time with the kids. 

Secure Billing and Payment Options 

Whether a parent wants to pay in cash, cheque, money order, credit card or bank draft, child care management accepts all these methods. It’s also convenient since parents can pay from wherever they are. You can create family accounts with customized billing information and templates for each parent.

Once payment has been processed, you can send the parent a print or electronic receipt to confirm their payment. You can also send them payment reports, statements, and invoices at the click of a button, which significantly eases your workload. 

  Takes Care of Scheduling 

Keeping accurate records is vital for your business. Basic childcare management should handle your staff overhead and payroll needs, which will significantly ease your burden. All check-ins and check-outs will be accurately captured. The pay rates will also be tracked.

The system will collect accurate information on how many kids have come to the center at a given period. This analysis helps you make business projections and inform you when there is a problem. Late pick up, and attendance will automatically and accurately be billed. 

Helpful Communication Tools 

A management system also comes with communication tools, which come in handy when you need to send out messages to the parents. For instance, let parents know when there have been new updates to check, so they take the necessary steps.

You can easily create and send out emails, send bulk text messages, create and manage bulletins with vital messages, as well as filter receipts based on different criteria.


Communication, payment systems, scheduling, and a parental portal are vital, so make sure your system supports every one of these features.

Some systems have more features, and others will even have ways to customize your care. Your needs and budget will lead you on the elements to look out for if you need a system that takes care of more than the basics.

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