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Top 10 Word’s Highest Paid Male Athletes 2018

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Forbes’ 2018 highest paid male athletes list has been released with a few surprises and some records broken as usual. We have listed the top 10 highest paid male athletes of 2018 in this article.

2018 list starts with a surprise as well with Floyd “Money” Mayweather taking the honor this time. After taking in a whopping $275 million for his boxing match against Conor McGregor, Mayweather is back in the big boys as this is his fourth appearance in seven years

Coming in second this year less than half of the number one is the legend himself Lionel Messi, who raked in $27 million in endorsements and $84 million in salary for a grand total of $111 million in earnings.

Cristiano Ronaldo finally loses his number one spot and comes down to third place with a modest $108 million in salary and endorsements in past one year.

The Fourth and fifth place was secure by the MMA sensation Conor McGregor with 99 million and the PSG and Brazil forward Neymar earning close to $90 million after his brilliant performance at the Russia world cup 2018.

Further down the list is basket maestro LeBron James earned his place as the sixth-highest-paid athlete, falling down four places from 2017.

Tennis legend Roger Federer followed him with a backend and an incredible salary of $12.2 million, accompanied by $65 million in an endorsement for a grand total of $77.2 million in earnings.

In 8th place comes another three-pointer specialist Stephen Curry, who earned $76 million in both salary and endorsement in 2017.

The top 10 in then filled by Football players Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford respectively with both earning in the range of $60 million.

The list is filled with football at the upper spectrum followed by basketballer and American football in Top 40. Roger Federer is the king of endorsement brings in the most with $65 million followed by LeBron with $52 million and the machine Ronaldo with $47 million.

The standard age of the Top 100 is the same as 2017 at 31 even with three competitors in their 40s on the list: Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather.

Giannis Antetokounmpo at age 23 is the youngest on the list, with Jordan Spieth, 24, being the only non-NBA player among the six youngest athletes in the top 100.

Highest Paid Male Athletes 2018

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