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Top 10 Weird Relationship Rumor in Hollywood

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Relationship Rumor

Hollywood is known for a lot of things, but relationship rumor catches everyone eyes. Large age difference, first cousin, odd matches, you can find anything in Hollywood. So get ready to be blown away from some of the rumors that we are about to mention.

#1 – Julia Roberts and Liam Neeson – Age difference between these you is the biggest shocker here, Neeson was 35 and Roberts was only 19 when the scandal began in 1987. The two decided on moving in together in Venice, California. But their romance was short lived as within a year, the two were separated.

#2 – Ryan Reynolds and Melissa Joan Hart – This two movie star definitely hooked up for a short fling. During the shooting of “Sabrina, the Teenage witch” Reynolds reportedly showed up on the set where he would end up gifting Hart a watch. The two made it to a bedroom where they did something which either won’t forget easily.

#3 – Janet Jackson and Matthew McCaughey – Jackson and McCaughey were rumored to be dating in 2002 after meeting at the Grammys. McCaughey said the two were just friends at the time, but Jackson claimed a fling happened before she got serious with Jermaine Dupri.

#4 – Katy Perry and Russell Brand – The award for the oddest celebrity couple definitely to these two, and they are no longer together, which surprised absolutely no one. Apparently, Brand treated Perry terribly. Katy Perry and Russell Brand had a huge fight before their wedding so the wedding was doomed from the start.

#5 – Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock – These celebs fell in love while co-starring in their film is such a cliché, in 2002, both starred in Murder by Numbers and their thing began. Sandra is 16 years older than Ryan, but love has no age. And although they looked cute and happy together, their relationship didn’t go far and ended within two years. But it left Sandra heartbroken.

#6 – Madonna and Michael Jackson – In 1991, pop royalty Madonna and Michael Jackson made headlines for showing up to the Oscars together. Recently Madonna posted a picture of that night with the caption “Best night ever”. During her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, the Queen of Pop revealed she used to approach Michael as he was a bit shy and they used to kiss. They even decided to do a duet but due to managerial disaster, it never happened.

#7 – Lucy Liu and George Clooney – In 2000, George Clooney and Lucy Liu were rumored to be dating, though neither by either one of them. Five years down the line, the pair was spotted sharing a romantic dinner and then leaving together in a limo. This got the rumor-mill back into overdrive but nothing came of it, maybe just another fling.

#8 – Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves – Diane Keaton was rumored to be dating Keanu Reeves in 2005, after meeting on the set of Something’s Gotta Give. A report suggested Keanu alleged had to dumped his then-girlfriend to date the Oscar winner, nearly 20 years his senior, and she was reportedly seen visiting his L.A. house late. However, Diane later denied the claims in several interviews later on.

#9 – Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner – In 2015, rumors of Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber hooking up started after Kendall quickly deleted a racy Instagram picture of them on the bed. Some rumor them to be friends with benefits but none of the young superstars commented on the issue. This was after Justin broke up with Selina. Maybe it was just a swing or not.

#10 – Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone – Camila Morrone made headlines for her romance with Leonardo DiCaprio in recent months. The model turn actress told a magazine “She has never been on a date.” Leo is more than twice the age of Camila and it seems not to bother anyone. This seems to be classic Leo hanging out with models.

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