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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Morgan Freeman

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Morgan Freeman is a sincere Hollywood symbol and a man that truly needs no introduction. His voice has turned out to be equally iconic as the man himself, and his abilities have made him the fourth highest gaining film movie star of all time.

He is a man with many hidden talents and hobbies! Here are 10 things you NEVER thought about Morgan Freeman.

1) He played the role of Count Dracula: In 1970, it was ok for men to be topless. But you wouldn’t fancy seeing a topless Dracula. Well, Morgan did play the role of Count Dracula in “The Electric Chair” taking a bath in a coffin.

2) Served in Air Force: According to Military.com, Morgan served in the air force from 1955 to 1959 before attending his college. He was so desperate to serve that he even turned down a partial Drama Scholarship to another college.

3) Bad flirting skills lead him to acting: In his school, Freeman tried flirting with a girl by pulling the chair beneath a female student in an attempt to flirt with her. Things didn’t go well and he was handed out a punishment to participate in the Drama department and rest is history.

4) Unique Academy Award Record: In 2004, Freeman became the first African American to win an academy award in three separate categories.

  • Million Dollar Baby in 2004
  • Driving Miss Daisy in 1989
  • Unforgiven in 1992

5) He has written a Cookbook: In 2006, he wrote a book “Morgan Freeman and Friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause” with some help from his friends. The book was a decent hit and all money was donated to support his hurricane-relief charity.

6) He does the same role many times: Morgan track record suggests he likes to reprise his own in different movies. It started with “Along Came a Spider” & “Kiss the Girls” where he starred as Dr. Cross. God in “Bruce Almighty” & “Evan Almighty”. Finally Lucius Fox in Batman trilogy.

7) He trademarked his name: In 2005, Morgan Freeman was issued a lawsuit which he won. After which the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office granted him the trademark on “Morgan Freeman”.

8) His alleged relationship with his step-granddaughter: Apart from being an incest relationship, the duo had an age difference of 47 years. Some suggest it was tabloid gossip but E’Dena Hines (Step Granddaughter) never refused the case in public

9) Liquor Addiction: When Freeman initially became successful, he also became an alcohol addict. Even though he remained calm while drinking but it was a terrible addiction which he eventually stopped after getting some help.

10) Death Scare: We all remember the 2008 driving case that nearly took the actor’s life but we don’t about his early Scare. Morgan was just 16 when pneumonia caught with him, things got worse when an ulcer emerged in his lungs. Soon the ulcer inside burst and he nearly died according to the doctors. But he survived the incident to live to fight another day.

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