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Top 10 Bizarre Uses of Sugar That Will Really Amaze You

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To consume sugar, you do not necessarily need to have a sweet tooth. Whether it is tea or coffee, a dessert, chocolates, or any of the dishes need sugar. But here you may go wrong if you think that sugar is only for consumption purpose.

There are various uses of sugar in food and explaining them will only be a waste of time. It is simply because people are already accustomed to the different uses of sugar. But then what people do not know is that sugar can come into various uses also of which they are not accustomed to.

These are the correct methods that this article will help people in knowing. These bizarre methods actually can explain how sugar can be used for some other purposes apart from being just a food sweetener.

Homemade scrub

Do you want to get hold of a natural exfoliator? Well, then sugar it is. Yes, it is incredibly true that sugar can be one of the best possible exfoliators that people can come around with.

Sugar is the best when it comes to rejuvenating the body by scrubbing off of the dirt and the dust from within the inner layers of the skin. Sugar can also ensure that it exfoliates the skin cells without harming the sensitiveness of the skin.

All that a person needs to do is mix the sugar with coconut oil and honey and use it as a scrub.

Exterminating the Cockroaches

Could you ever guess that a particular thing that can work as an attraction to one kind of pest can also be used to eradicate the other kind of pest?

Yes, sugar can be utilized as an excellent method through which people can very easily get rid of the cockroaches if they know how to use the very same. Exterminating the cockroaches is incredibly easy if people use sugar by mixing it with baking soda.

Increasing the longevity of the lipstick with sugar

There are many times when women do complain that their lipstick colour is doing little for long after applying them. It is the reason; the dream of having perfect colour stained lips throughout the day remains a dream only. Now anyways people do not have to worry about that anymore.

They can easily use sugar on the lipstick right after they have smeared it on the lips and allow it to stay there for a minute or so and then lick it off. It helps in increasing the life of the lipstick on the lips.

Keeping the bakery items fresh

Who does not wish to have cakes and muffins at home and store them for a long time consumption? But unfortunately, fearing the degradation of the bakery items, people do not remain much in favour of buying them in a bunch.

But now they can keep all the worries apart because sugar cubes can help a person store the bakery items very easily. If the bakery items are put in an airtight container with the sugar cubes, then they will tend to have high longevity than anything else.

Getting rid of the garden worms

Out of all the pests, the worst that a person can expect is the garden worms which will slowly and steadily lead to degradation of the entire garden and the beautiful plants and vegetation in them.

Sugar can also work as a natural attraction to these worms and once spread over the garden; it will attract the worms and work as food for them. It will help the plants grow instead.

Storing of cheese

As already mentioned before, sugar can usually work as one of the best-storing agents in case of the bakery items. But the fact is that apart from the bakery, there are other things too that can be stored for a longer time with the help of sugar.

Sugar helps in getting through with the best possible results in increasing the life of cheese without any doubt. All that can be done is to keep the cheese in an airtight container with the sugar cubes.

Trapping the wasps

It is no mystery that wasps are one of those insects that people need to be scared of. If a person is anxious about wasps in their area then definitely sugar can come to rescue.

All one needs to do is boil water and sugar together and place the container outside. The wasp will get attracted to the container, and as they sit on the mixture, their feet and wings got stuck and glued to it. Disposing of them can be easier when carried out in a plastic bottle.

Grass stains no more

Sugar can come to rescue when people need to get rid of the grass stains from their favourite pair of jeans. Most of the time people are targeted by the lawn stains which can be almost impossible for them to remove from the jeans.

But then with the help of sugar and lukewarm water mixture, you can take a breath of relief. This particular mixture is put on the grass stains for an hour, and then the grass stains can be easily washed away from the denim.

Natural nourishment for plants

Often flowers kept in vases lose their freshness in a day’s time to keep them fresh for a longer time, sugar can be a great thing. The water of the vase is treated by adding vinegar and sugar to it. Vinegar helps in keeping bacteria away, and sugar serves as natural nourishment for the plant. The stems of the flowers or the plants are cut at an a45-degree angle near the bottom and are placed in the prepared water.

Cleaning of the grinding machines

Sugar can help in a perfect cleaning of the grinding machine. Most of the time the grinding machine can be impacted by oil and smell from the last ground product, and this can easily be removed with the help of sugar.

The oil will also go with the help of the sugar and thus make the grinder again new as it was before. These bizarre uses of sugar are something that every person should know about.

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