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Top 10 Apps for Samsung Smart TV?

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Samsung smart TV has taken the next step after their upgradation to the new Smart Hub operating system. Their TVs now are the flagship series of QLED and 4K UHD TVs.

Apart from the pre-installed apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu etc. There is a whole lot of entertainment that you are missing on.  Here is a list of 10 must-have apps that aren’t the popular ones.

10) AccuWeather:

This app will keep you updated with information like temperature for the rest of the day or week. You will also be notified about the bad weather or forecast. All these without a weatherperson to distract.

9) Samsung Smart View:

There are several apps which can turn your mobile phone into a remote for your smart TV. But it’s better to go with the official app to launch videos, movies, TV shows or others from your mobile phone.

8) Samsung SmartCam:

Another Samsung app which will let users watch live video and way audio communication. It also has an event alarm notification system. One can easily experience live video without any hassle via this app.

7) FandangoNOW:

Many of you might remember it as a movie reviewer but it has upgraded. They are now a full-on video-streaming service with a huge library of 30,000 movies and TV shows without a subscription. Though the app is free, you have to purchase or rent the content.

6)  Pandora:

It is not your normal radio station service. It is much more interesting than that. It runs upon an algorithm which is generated by the user itself. If you dislike a song, Pandora will never play it and if you like it, you will hear more of it. Pandora shuffle between stations itself upon learning from your feedback.

5) Samsung TV Media Player:

This is an app with lots and lots of features. Some of them include video search, view and manages history, sharing, and add to favorite features. You can also access DLNA home media server through this app. Plus you can search anything (Music, video) and it will show results from multiple content sources (YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Picasa photos etc.).

4) TED:

Ted Talks has taken over the world, everyone wants to share his or her story on the stage. It has become a stepping stone to success. You can catch all of them via this app. The app will give access to thousands of videos of business leaders, musicians, techies, medical experts, etc. sharing their experience in life.

3) Vimeo:

This is a high-quality video sharing app. You can view thousands of video from different categories like Arts and Design, Animation, Music, Fashion, Travel, Documentary etc. Additionally, you can record this video on your TV and then share it later. There is a paid service as well “Vimeo on-demand” which has a decent collection of short movies.

2) Shout Factory TV:

This app is for people who love cult TV and movie. Their library includes Roger Corman films and sci-fi classics such as A Boy and His Dog and Dreamscape. If you have a guilty pleasure, then you are sure to find it in their collection.

Apart from original content and specials, they offer old TV shows (Father Knows Best, Dennis the Menace, Super Sentai etc.) which you can binge watch anytime.

1) PLEX:

Another streaming service on the list but it is different from other. Firstly its ultra-easy to set up and it allows its user to build his own collection. The user can do it on any media server and then stream whenever they want.

SO why choose PLEX over Hulu, Netflix, Amazon or any of the other streaming services on this list? Because PLEX is free. There is no monthly fee for the base version of the app which allows the users to maintain his local video collection.

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