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Tips to Follow While You are Getting on Board With Baby

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Board With Your Baby

If you are planning to travel with baby, then you should gather courage and learn how to stay alert all the time. Everyone knows that it is not easy to travel with kids if you are travelling on air, then the situations can become worse. So it is important to know how to take necessary precautions before boarding the plane to avoid any embarrassing situations and also any potential risky situations for your kids. You won’t be able to control the situations at the airport or on the flight but these precautions will help you to have a peaceful journey.

Know The Rules and Regulations

It is important to know the rules and regulations that are imposed by the airport when you travel with a baby. Know about the extra baggage that you can carry for your babies and this will help you in deciding what to carry and what not.

The checklist is Necessary to Travel with a Baby

When you are getting on board with baby, it is important to have a checklist of the things that you should have. So sit peacefully and think about all the necessary things, make a checklist of various items related to the baby.

The checklist should include

  • Two or three blankets to cover up while you are nursing or to keep your baby warm.
  • Diapers and wipes-it are better to carry more of these as they will come in handy.
  • A baby carrier
  • Bottle and formula if you are breastfeeding the baby
  • Comfy toys to calm down the baby
  • Extra clothes for your baby. Make sure that the baby is comfortable in these clothes.
  • Snacks for babies including fruits or cookies
  • Nursing shields and pads for breastfeeding.  
  • Pacifiers, it is better to have spares
  • Ziplock bags to keep the diapers and soiled clothes separate and also to store the snacks.

Timing is Important

Flying with babies is a tougher task and facing the delaying of flights at the same time will make your situation even worst. So you have to choose the days and timing when the delaying of flights or any other such problems are very less.

The days that you can opt for are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and it is better if you fly early in the morning as delaying or any other related issues won’t happen at this time.

Do Not Forget the Stroller

You may be thinking of holding the baby on your lap on the entire journey but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is better to take the stroller with you while you are getting on board with baby.

If there are any seats left empty in the plane you can ask the attendant in the flight for the seat for the time being.

Wear the Baby at the Time of Checking

It is better to wear your baby using the baby carrier while you are going through the checking. This way you will have your hands empty which will help in grabbing the luggage after the completion of checking.

Try to Book the Window Seat

It is very important to have the window seat while you are on board with baby. This will give you some privacy and at the same time, you can avoid baby’s arms and legs from stretching into the aisle where the passengers and flight attendants walk.

It is better to book the window seat in advance or you can ask with your passenger for the exchange of seats.

Feed Baby During  The Taking off and Landing

The pressure that taking off or landing puts on babies is very high and it is important to divert them. You can breastfeed or give them any food that they eat while the plane is taking off and landing. This way they will be diverted.

Tagging along our little ones on a plane journey can be exhausting but these tips will help you in making the journey easier. Make sure that your child won’t get all cranky on the plane because this can create a big fuss.

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