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The Big Bang Theory Show will be Ended after Season 12

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The Big Bang Theory

The US-based network CBS has stated that the 12th season of The Big Bang Theory will be the last, clearly in light of the fact that Jim Parsons was at long last prepared to leave the show. Makers have guaranteed an “epic inventive close” when the series closes in May.

Kaley Cuoco took to Social media to share the news. She wrote a heartfelt for the long-running show followers alongside a picture of the whole cast. The sitcom stars Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, and Kaley Cuoco, and Bialik and Melissa Rauch, who joined the shows in later seasons.

With an expected pay close $1 million for each episode, Parsons – alongside his four the co-stars Cuoco, Galecki, Nayyar and Helberg – remained to make more than $50 million including benefits on the off chance that he consented to remain on the show for two more years, which is the thing that CBS was attempting to arrange.

Yet, Parsons was prepared to state farewell to the sitcom that made him an easily recognized name. Since there is no show without Dr. Sheldon Cooper, next spring’s twelfth season finale of The Big Bang Theory will check the finish of the longest-running sitcom in the history of TV in the US.

“The Big Bang Theory” universe originated with the story of how four nerds- Sheldon Cooper (Parsons), Leonard Hofstadter (Galecki), Howard Wolowitz (Helberg) and Raj Koothrappali (Nayyar) – respond when a young lady Penny (Cuoco) enters their lives as a friendly and beautiful neighbor.

With every one of the eccentricities, particular conduct, social jokes – including a lot of Indian references British-Indian performer Nayyar, the story that features the individual existence of researchers and nerds was cherished by the whole gang, making it fun to watch for everyone.

The twelfth and last season of the sitcom will make a big appearance in the US in September and is expected to finish up in May. The sitcom has won a few Emmys from 52 nominations won mainly my Jim Parsons for his excellent comedy timing and acting skills. In the end, the show will have circulated 279 episodes.

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