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Summer Dirt Biking Gear – Comfort and Style

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Summer Dirt Biking

Dirt bikers of all skill levels look forward to summer all year long! With more daylight hours to enjoy all of the best motocross mods and updates you’ve made to your machine, there’s a good reason it’s considered the season of abundance.

When it comes to summer dirt biking, few things are more important than choosing the gear that brings you comfort and gives you style.

Breathable Gear

Breatheable biking gear is important to dirt bikers across the United States and world. If you live and ride in a particularly hot or humid climate, getting fresh air between your skin and your clothing is a big deal.

It keeps you thinking, moving and reacting and allows you to literally go the distance. From pants and shirts to hoodies and footwear, major brands such as Troy Lee Designs and Fly Racing carry clothing for men and women that feature mesh and other perforated materials, vents, and air-circulation designs, all designed with your comfort in mind. 

Wicking Materials

From base layers and socks to long-sleeve shirts and jackets, wicking materials are key to staying cool and calm in the summer and winter months.

Clothing designers have applied advanced technology to create fibers that draw or wick moisture away from your body and cool you down at the same time.

Even when you’re working up a sweat, your clothing’s working with you to regulate your body temperature. A great example of wicking in action is Moose Racing’s Sahara Socks. Constructed of quick-drying CoolMax polyester, these moisture-control socks keep your feet cool and dry.

Hydration Products

Hydration is key to your having a great time and staying comfortable when you’re out on your bike. As with most sports, dirt biking can work up quite a sweat, depleting you of the energy you need to function at your best.

Many gear designers have worked hydration options such as packs and bottles into clothing and accessories. TakeKlim, for example. The manufacturer’s breathable, moisture-wicking Mojave Jersey features an open-cell breathable foam in-shoulder so that you stay comfortable when wearing a hydration pack.


Eyewear designers have cornered the market on comfort and style! Looking rad while being able to see where you’re headed is everything in summer, especially if you’re dealing with the sun’s glare or muddy environments. Manufacturers like Answer have got you covered.

Answer’s Nova Googles provide comfort and protection with their clear, shatter-resistant lens and open-cell face foam, which contours to your face while wicking sweat from your skin. Available in a variety of colors, the googles let you ride in high style every day!

There are many ways to maintain your comfort and style in the summer months while ripping it up at home or away. Browse dirt biking retailers’ websites for the gear and accessories to suit your riding conditions and style. Better yet, take your style to the next level by ordering those OEM motorcycle fairings that match your favorite riding outfit! There’s no time like the present: Make the best motocross mods to your gear and bike today!

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