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Some Stupid Law Across Europe Which Can Land You In Jail

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Stupid Law

Europe is a great continent with beautiful arts and architectural places to visit. But Europe has a lot of an unexpected number of funny laws, some might even lead to arrest.

Starting us of is France –

  • It is prohibited to name a pig ‘Napoleon’
  • It is prohibited to kiss on railroads.
  • A pig cannot be named “Napoleon” by its owner.
  • Between 8 AM and 8 PM, Around 70% of the music played on the radio should be by French Artist.
  • It is illegal to take photographs of cops or police vehicles, regardless of whether they are simply out of sight.
  • An ashtray is classified as a dangerous weapon.


  • A man may be arrested for wearing a specific skirt.
  • Practicing charlatanry is a criminal offense.


  • During Octoberfest, no person is ever legally drunk, regardless of how much liquor they have consumed.
  • It is illegal to say the date 1966 in any football ground.
  • You can be arrested if your car runs out of gas on the highway.


  • It is banned to dance naked in the Acropolis.
  • Distributing Coupons of your business is illegal.


  • It is legal to smoke pot, buy it unless the quantity is only 5 grams.
  • Prostitutes pay taxes like any other business as they are legal across the country.

United Kingdom

  • It is a felony to fall off the top of Blackpool Tower under any condition.
  • It’s prohibited to have sex under the pier while Morris Dancing.
  • A lady can’t eat chocolates on public transport.
  • You cannot hang your bed out of a window.
  • Many rules are in place so that no one dies in the House of Parliament. It is because anyone who dies between the walls of the House should be buried under the royal sign.
  • Pregnant women can deliver their babies in any public place and even use a policeman helmet if needed.


  • You might be arrested for washing your car on a Sunday.
  • After 10 PM, It is illegal to flush the toilet.
  • A man may be arrested for relieving himself while standing up, after 10 PM.


  • If someone sells a flag that has anything painted or written on it, will result in a fine.
  • It is banned to paint your house without first getting a license.
  • Though prostitution is legal, it is prohibited to use the services of a prostitute.

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