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Spring Home Maintenance Ideas For Your House

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Spring Home

The fresh springtime air gets everyone in the mood for cleaning, getting rid of unwanted things, and working on home improvements. After a long, cold winter, the end of February to the beginning of March is an optimal time to start working on long-delayed home maintenance procedures.

It is the best time to prepare for the humid summer by working on larger projects on the exterior part and the interiors of your house. 

As the spring weather is relatively clear and dry, you have a long list of things to do. Start by assessing your home and determining the most urgent concerns. After that, bring out your trestles and planks and other reliable tools, as you have a couple of months of home improvement ahead. 

Inspect your Roof 

Depending on how strong the winter is in your area, storms may have affected the most exposed parts of your home – including the roof. Keep a lookout for anything that feels out of place, is missing, or does not look normal. Generally, missing shingles and damaged metal pipes are some common post-winter problems.

However, some households also end up with cracked roof tiles and holes when the winter is harsher than usual. While you can do a basic home inspection, you can rely on professionals to do more intricate roof-related work. 

Clean your Gutters

Gutters are a series of pipes that act as water collection channels, which discharge rainwater to prevent areas of your home from getting wet. When it snows heavily, the gutters can end up getting blocked and accumulating dirt. Even after the winter melts, dry leaves are likely to stay in the pipes and end up causing the wood trim at the eaves to rot.

Ignoring this issue may cost you a large sum of money in the future, so ensure that you clean the gutters two times a year, during the spring and fall. 

As the gutters are quite high up, you will need trestles and planks to help you. Set up frames to create a scaffolding that can support an aluminium plank, which will carry your weight and offer a comfortable footing a couple of meters above the ground.

The is quite simple: scoop out the debris, clean the pipes with a flow of water, and check the down sprouts for any clogs. While you are at it, check whether the gutters are secure – if not, then you will have to replace the nails.

Check for Termites

As the weather gets warmer, bugs start seeking refuge in homes and creating nests in wooded areas. Check for holes and damages on anything made of wood, including furniture and the exterior structure of the house. If you happen to find a termite infestation, then it is essential to call pest control services and have them handle the issue. Ensure that you check for this problem regularly as severe bug damage can be challenging to reverse. 

Paint Your House 

Spring is the perfect time for you to give your house a fresh, new look. The weather is beautiful enough to get a good paint job done before the sweltering summer kicks in, so take the opportunity to apply a fresh coat of your favourite shade.

Set up trestles and planks to elevate you and offer a comfortable position when painting from a higher altitude. Choose a trendy colour, a vibrant shade of yellow, or 2020’s Pantone: classic blue. The deep blue shade will give your home a beautiful midnight vibe. 

The spring is the perfect time to work on a variety of home maintenance projects and for professionals to handle various issues. However, ensure that you follow appropriate safety practices to avoid injuries or accidents. That way, you will have a beautiful home to enjoy until the next spring comes around.

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