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Sober Living Home – Everything You Need To Know

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Sober Living Home

You may have a friend or family member who is currently being referred to a sober living home for drug or alcohol misuse.  If this is a new term for you, it is basically a halfway house between their old way of life and an intervention.

If you’ve been asked to look for a local sober living home for someone, but you aren’t sure what to look for taking a look at the below tips and advice.

Do your research first, ask for recommendations and always check the internet for positive reviews and further information.  You have to tread with caution though as many people may leave negative reviews because of the way they thought they were treated in the early days, though these people were still using drugs or alcohol and so their reactions and judgment would have been impaired or exaggerated.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a facility where everything is fun and happy; the focus is on patient recovery.

Trust your instinct and go with a sober living home that feels friendly enough and safe at all times.  Putting someone into a sober living home when you don’t feel entirely safe can put a lot of anxiety onto a patient before they’ve been fully referred and registered.  Each patient needs to be protected and in an environment where they can recover quickly.

Once you’ve found a few, the next tip is to go and visit a sober living home to get a feel for it, see how it works and what exactly goes on.  Speak to the staff and ask lots of questions about what goes on during each day and make sure you can see things like a job rota – this is where the patients take it in turns to perform different tasks each day.  

This can earn them certain privileges if they behave well. With a visit, you’ll see just how happy the patients are. If most look miserable, try and ask the staff more questions about living arrangements and check for basics like how clean the sober living home is.  

Don’t go for expensive sober living homes if you can’t afford it.  The idea is to help those who are drug or alcohol dependent. If you find one but can’t afford it, then look for one within your budget

On occasions, sober living homes do end up being turned into a facility where drugs are introduced and even a meetup for a potential drugs operation.  This is where you should really do your homework. There’s no point sending a patient to one where there will be no recovery and instead of a patient in worse off care.

Usually, there are drug and alcohol tests performed within a sober living home; it’s part of the care plan.  Along with testing, there will be breathalyzer testing to keep patients on track with their progress and subsequent recovery.  Some homes provide frequent testing, but these tend to come at additional costs to ensure you factor this into your decision.

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