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Shocking Cases of Plagiarism in Hollywood Film

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Plagiarism in Hollywood

The Bollywood film industry isn’t the only one that makes news for plagiarizing content from Hollywood or somewhere. Apparently, Hollywood also does Plagiarism in Hollywood films.

Plagiarizing an art form is often cited with much criticism. When a writer or director is accused of such crime, all his previous works come into question. If found guilty their reputation goes down the gutter as well.

At times, the claims seem just like publicity stunts and, at others, you never hear what eventually happened. Still, there are numerous cases of plagiarism in Hollywood with renowned director and writer caught in the act.

Hollywood Director accused of Plagiarism

James Cameron – The film-maker was apparently threatened by Harlan Ellison, who is a creative writer, for taking inspiration from his classic hit The Terminator (1984). Ellison’s complaint didn’t formally file any complaint, so the studio thought it was best to negotiate the settlement were done entirely out of court.

Quentin Tarantino – Tarantino father-son classic Reservoir Dogs (1992) was found to be strikingly similar to Hong Kong director Ringo Lam’s City on Fire (1987). There was no lawsuit reported by the Chinese director leaving Tarantino with only shame and not money.

Shia LaBeouf – In December last year, the actor went on an embarrassed, maniacal apologizing run after he was accused of stealing the plot of his 2012 short, from graphic novelist Daniel Clowes. He made a public spectacle of himself and his apologies which later found out to be a drama to avoid the case.

Movies accused of Plagiarism

#1- Frequency (2000) – This classic time travel sci-fi turned out to be plagiarized from screenwriter Bill Selby’s original script Doubletime. The writer was so careless that even a good paper trail could be found between the two scripts, despite many rewriters before it was handed to Emmerich to rewrite yet again. The judge, in this case, made it clear early that he wouldn’t allow bullying as a result, New Line hurried up & made a settlement offer complete with the standard non-disclosure agreement with Selby.

#2- Finding Nemo (2003) – Nemo became a household name quickly and was received praises from children and adults alike, but it was heavily, “borrowed” from the French children’s book Pierrot Le Poisson Clown (1995) by Pascal Kamina. Disney didn’t even change the books’ central character & supporting cast with several other plot elements.

#3- The shape of water (2017) – This 2018 Oscar best picture has been accused of plagiarizing recently. Paul Zindel plays “Let Me Hear You Whisper” is said to be the source behind Guillermo del Toro dreamy sci-fi tale. There hasn’t been a formal case registered by Zindel son. The studio house has released a statement saying we had no idea of Zindel play hence plagiarizing is close to zero.

#4- Pearl Harbour(2001) – Ben Affleck starrer action drama was a copy from the Bollywood legendary film Sangam. Even though Sangam never had a similar attack like Pearl Harbour with the main point line remains the same with a love triangle and a war veteran returning from death.

Most of such claims remain to be a hoax but as evident by above example not all the movies are original and are inspired by previous work.

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