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(Seven) 7 Craziest Things that Fan Did for their Idols

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7 craziest things

Everyone peoples have favorite stars from the entertainment worlds. They do the craziest things for their idols, some are funny, and some things are unique. Here, I have mentioned some 7 craziest things fan have done for their idols.

Used menstruation blood to write a letter

A fan letter for Kpop icon Taecyeon has been getting a lot of attention. This specific fan letter was not composed in the run of the mill ink that we use on an everyday premise. Actually, this uncommon “ink” can’t be utilized each day, however just a couple of times each after every 28 days. It was composed with the fan young lady’s blood from her period with a sprinkle of pubic hair.

Purchased Bieber’s water bottle for $624

Emma Philips, a 16-year-old New Zealand young lady, found the opportunity to meet Justin Bieber backstage at a TV studio. After Bieber took a taste of sparkling water and disdained it, Emma snatched the jug and posted it on a well known exchanging site called TradeMe. The jug sold for $624 to the guardians of a Bieber fan.

15 tattoos devoted to Miley Cyrus

A man who asserts that a pop star helped him through a separation has commended his melodic legend by getting tattoos of Miley Cyrus everywhere on his body. A New York has spent over £500 having tributes to the Disney singing sensation inked onto his skin. His name is Carl McCoid, 39

Carl has been flaunting photos of his Miley Cyrus tributes on person to person communication locales and now has 2,225 adherents. He stated, “I am trusting that Miley’s specialist will find out about me by means of Twitter, and afterward she will pass the message on to Miley. That way I could really wind up getting together her. On the off chance that I did, at that point, I would bite the dust.

Tweeted Ashley Tisdale 18,888 times

Ashley Tisdale is honestly gone ballistic after a fixated fan sent in excess of 18,000 tweets to the on-screen character and afterward appeared at her home. The tweets are really dreadful – the individual (accepted to take care of business) is by all accounts whimsical, written work as though the two have a type of progressing the relationship.

Stole a mouthpiece from Lady Gaga

You need to love this Lady Gaga fan, who, having been welcome to share the phase in a nice thought by the pop star continues to make the stage her own. At around the 3:16 check, she surrenders all misrepresentation of sharing the mic with Gaga and gives it a full go.

Deluged a London lodging with 2000 phone calls

Justin Bieber fans made in excess of 2000 telephone calls to the London inn where the Canadian pop star was remaining amid his visit to Britain. The fan named the “Beliebers” endeavored to utilize names of the vocalist’s relatives and his companions from home while one even professed to be his own stripper. It was guaranteed that because of the storm of fan calls the lodging, situated by Kensington Palace, was compelled to change its telephone number after lines were stuck.

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