WWE is Fake or Real: Latest Rumours About Wrestling

Hello, WWE Lovers

Today, I will share facts about WWE. It’s real or just a fake wrestling. I don’t know. it’s genuine or not but a lot of people loves WWE game and their wrestler. Sorry! it’s not called a game. it called a wrestling. but Everybody wants to know that Is WWE real or fake?

Let’s move on facts of WWE wrestling. you know that millions of fan following of WWE. I’m also the fan of Indian Wrestler The Great Khali. But I’m still confused that whatever I see in the WWE Ring. Is that true or fake? When we watch the WWE then we realized sometimes it’s real wrestling. because we watch the wrestler in the ring. they shout at each other, then they are injured and When they are injured, they cry. When I watch then I think that what’s going. what’s drama? but one thing I will tell that WWE can be scripted but It cannot be fake.

Why Can We not Say WWE is Fake?

Peoples to concentrate mind over wrestling, and cheering on their performance. one side we see the Undertaker fighting with John Cena. Bleeding started from the head of both wrestlers. Undertaker roaring over John Cena and he is searching something heavy for beaten to John Cena.

Immediately, he found an iron chair and he picks the chair in hand and throws on John Cena. Now, John Cena saves his head and stopped chair on own hand. again John Cena kicks on the ass of undertaker, the undertaker is fallen down and John Cena is continuing beating to the undertaker. but finally, undertaker stand up and started the fight with John Cena. Much of acting you will see during wrestling. you will cheer on this fights, and you will think over wrestling. WWE is not fake. it’s real wrestling game.

Why Can We say WWE is fake?

When any wrestler is attacking over another wrestler through an iron chair and kicks on the head, then what you can imagine that wrestler will fit again for fighting? yes, that wrestler can be fit for wrestling in few days. but what we see. immediately, an injured wrestler is started wrestling on the ground. what’s this and what you will think about it?

Bro! they are a human, they are not Thor or Ironman. they have only one agenda that he makes money from viewers through fake wrestling. but we know that WWE is real. I will show you some proof of videos and images. WWE is fake wrestling but as your choice. you believe or not.



Much of the proof you can get on the Internet.


I can not spread the hate message about WWE is fake or real. But I can say that WWE is entertaining to all of us through wrestling. Millions of people love to watch WWE and their wrestler. Its wrestling is scripted but fighting is real.

Everything is decided before the start of WWE wrestling. who will kick on the ground? who will be injured while wrestling? How many times will the wrestler fall on the stage? All thing which happens on the WWE stage. that is scripted. So, enjoy and watch your favorite wrestler on WWE shows.

Thanks for Sharing Some facts about WWE wrestling. If you like it then Please share and Improve my writing skill. 😉