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What Are The Right Questions To Ask During A Campus Tour?

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Campus Tour

A campus tour affords both prospective students and students on transfer, along with their parents, and groups the million-dollar opportunity to have a first-hand view and information about a college. 

On a successful campus tour, you can ask insightful questions about the university. The answers to these questions would prove to be a significant determining factors on whether to consider enrollment or not.

In the New York University, for instance, these questions can be answered through admission, the financial aid staff that conducts the NYU campus tour, or by old students.

This article highlights the various questions that you can ask during your campus tour. They are segmented under subheads as follows:

On College Heritage and History

  1. When was this college founded?
  2. Why was it founded?
  3. Who are the great alumni of this college?
  4. What is the college mascot?
  5. What are the legacies of this college?

On General College Information

  1. What is the population of undergraduate students?
  2. What is the population of graduate students?
  3. What can you say about the cultural diversity of this college?
  4. How financially stable is this college?
  5. What is the Bond rating of this school?

On Academics

  1. Can you tell me the average size per class for the introductory classes?
  2. What of the upper-division courses?
  3. Do you use teaching assistants? If yes, how often?
  4. What are the guidelines and requirements for enrolling in my preferred major?
  5. Can I do a double major?
  6. What system does this school run? Semester, or trimester, or quarter system?

On Merit Awards and Financial Aids

  1. Does this school meet with the financial aid requirements of students? If yes, what percentage of it is met annually?
  2. How is the issue of grants and scholarships handled here?
  3. What is the size of the average financial aid offered?
  4. How do you handle loans and grants?
  5. How can I qualify for a merit award?

On Student Life

  1. What is the population of students living on campus?
  2. What housing choices are open to me?
  3. What is the policy on assigning roommates?
  4. How is your meal plan policy?
  5. What fraternities and sororities are available here?

To Current Students

  1. Why did you choose this college?
  2. Would you want anything changed here?
  3. Are you enjoying the social life here?

To Recent Graduates

  1. Are you proud of your Alma mater?
  2. Would you like to come back here for another degree?
  3. What would like to change about this school if you have the opportunity to do so?

These questions, when asked on an NYU campus tour, can give you a wholesome insight into the modus operandi of the school, as far as its legacy. 

Apart from the questions listed above, you can ask about the history of landmarks and monuments, popular buildings, etc. You can also inquire about sports and recreational facilities; the list is virtually endless!

Eager to have a sumptuous feel of New York University? Campus Reel allows you to enjoy a revealing virtual tour of the academic glamour and historical dazzle of New York University even as far as the famous Washington State Park.   

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