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Michelle Carter Found Guilty To ‘Virtually’ Murder Her Boyfriend

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Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter, What could be the limits for a degree of murder? After Capital Murder, reflect Murder and Felony Murder, the latest the world has witnessed is a ‘murder through words.’

The case is complicated and exceeds the limits of criminal laws in Massachusetts. It shifts the focus on virtual relationships’ functionality, depression, and teenage suicides.

Michelle Carter was a 17 years old girl in 2014, and she is found responsible for the involuntary manslaughter of her 18- year old friend, Conrad Roy III by the US juvenile court Judge Lawrence Moniz in Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Roy killed himself in his pickup truck on 13th July 2014, as he deliberately filled it with carbon monoxide pumping out from the tube of a generator in store parking lot.

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At the time of this incident, Michelle Carter was ‘virtually present’ there as she was on a phone call with Roy. According to police investigations, he confessed Michelle Carter that he was getting scared of that toxic gas. But despite informing his parents or calling cops, she asked him to go back in the truck.

Fantasies And Conversations Between Michelle Carter And Roy

However, their phone conversation did not get recorded. Three months after the suicide, US police found Michelle Carter’s chat with one of her friend that goes like this-

“Sam his death is my fault like honestly, I could have stopped him,”

“I was on the phone with him, and he got out of the car because it was working and he got scared.”

And this was the point when she asked him “to get back in.”

Please note that both of them were suffering from physiological problems. Michelle Carter has been reported as an anorexia patient, and Roy was also into suicide attempts. He had tried suicide four times before this unfortunate incident of his death.

Michelle Carter

Picture: Michelle Carter And Her friend Conrad Roy III 

At first sight, the case may look like a result of an impulsive fight between couples. But actually, it was all well planned and well thought. They used to discuss death a lot over texts and Facebook messages.

“I’m trying my best to dig you out,” Michelle Carter texted to Roy

“I don’t want to be dug out,” Mr. Roy replied along with, “I WANT TO DIE.”

Cops found a message sent from Michelle Carter to Roy in early July, “If this is the only way you think you’re going to be happy, heaven will welcome you with open arms.”

The then teens discussed the idea of getting killed by carbon monoxide. Michelle Carter wrote to him, “If you emit 3200 ppm of it for five to ten mins you will die within a half hour.”

Adding on the craziness, she sent him to research on different methods to kill self, and eventually, they mutually decided on carbon monoxide poisoning. She advised the guy to plan his suicide away from home so that nobody would stop him from dying.

Where Are The Teen-Relationships Going In This Virtual World?

During their relationship, they dreamed about killing as Romeo and Juliet. But eventually, Carter rejected the idea and pressurized Roy to go with it as she wanted to do a real-life role play of a grieving girlfriend. She wrote about how she would become an anti-suicide activist after his death and organize a baseball tournament in his memory.

Both the parties were depressed and mentally disturbed as they had fantasies about death, more than life. This case raises serious questions about the definition of ‘suicide,’ ‘murder’ and ‘attempt to kill.’

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