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Looking for the Best Women’s Cowboy Hats

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Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats were made for a reason. They play a major role in the daily life of Southern cowboys and cowgirls. These people spend hours under the Sun and, in some cases, rainy weather while watching over their herds of cattle. These days, cowboy hats are considered as fashion statements.

They still serve their original purpose even in that capacity, but people can only take advantage of that if they can choose the right cowboy hat for them. 

There are numerous cowboy hats for women in the market. How do you choose the right one for you? What criteria or considerations should be kept in mind while you’re looking at your options? 

Three Attributes to Consider in Choosing Cowboy Hats

Here are the three criteria to weigh your decision against when choosing a cowboy hat.

  • Size. When you buy a cowboy hat, you must make sure that it fits just right onto your head. You don’t want it to be too loose because the wind might just blow it away. Furthermore, a hat that’s too tight on the head can also cause fainting.

You must know what your size is before you even start shopping for cowboy hats. There are standard sizes that you can choose from, but you will need to take your measurements first. It would also help to try and check how your options actually fit and feel when worn.

  • Color. We all have our favorite colors, and more often than not, our clothes come in these colors. When choosing a cowboy hat, you should make sure that the color fits your wardrobe selection. It should match or complement the colors of the clothes that you will wear together with it.

    Also, your choice of colors will dictate how much effort you’d have to expend in the maintenance of your cowboy hat. White, for example, is a harder color to wash and clean as compared to darker colors like black or brown.
  • Material. The material used to make cowboy hats for women will be crucial to its longevity. Three materials are used in the manufacturing of these hats, and these are, namely: straw, felt, and beaver fur. Among the three, beaver fur is the most durable.

    According to the Cowboy Hat Guide, you should look at the X value of a hat. The X indicates the percentage of beaver fur in the composition of the cowboy hat. The higher the X value, the more beaver fur is used. Theoretically, it means that the hat is more durable. However, it can also mean that it is more expensive than others.

Of course, quality and durability are premiums. Cowboy hats must as long as they should because cowboys use them in all weather and climates. They should not succumb quickly to wear and tear.

Take your time when looking at the women’s cowboy hats that are available in local stores or in online shops. It is more than just a fashion item: it’s an investment.

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