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Lifestyle and Food Habits of Three Most Favorite Hollywood Star

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If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, you must be crazy to know about the luxurious lifestyle and food habits of your favorite Hollywood stars. Let’s check out what’s your favorite star eats to maintain their stunning figure:

1- Justin Timberlake: Do you know your favorite Hollywood actor Justin Timberlake takes two eggs in the breakfast every day. He starts his day with Paleo pancakes, cashew nut, almond butter or honey on three pieces of bread.

He likes chicken-apple sausage. At lunch, he mostly takes salad of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Sometimes, he takes a snack during the day and at dinner, he takes the heartiest meal – rice along with vegetables curry or chicken.

2- Khloe Kardashian: If you are the fan of gorgeous Khloe Kardashian, then you will be happy to know that she has lost 40 pounds recently and looks better than ever.

She told in a TV show that she uses to start her day with a glass of water. She enjoys cooking and uses to take Chinese salad during lunch and have Greek yogurt at dinner.

3- Kaley Cuoco: Do you know the secret of sliming and stunning figure of Kaley Cuoco? She has stopped taking soda, chips or cereal to become more fit and slim and owed 100 percent to Yoga every day.

Every day she uses to take two pieces of toast with a little peanut butter on it and in lunch, she eats fish, salmon and fresh vegetables. At night she takes healthy snacks along with apple and peanut butter.

So, if you want to keep updated with interesting facts of your favorite Hollywood star, stay tuned and keep checking our website – we will come up with all such interesting facts about your favorite star.

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