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Lewis Hamilton’s ex Uncovers the F1 star’s ‘Terrible side’ and Desires for Threesomes

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Lewis Hamilton

A FORMER sweetheart of F1 best Lewis Hamilton says he was fixated on trios — and became frantic by individuals utilizing his loo. Glamour model Veronica Valle, 26, said the Brit sportsman’s conduct became progressively odd, with sudden emotional episodes over apparently insignificant issues.

Talking solely to The Sun on Sunday, Veronica said the engine hustling pro was a charmer with a “disgusting side”. She went on: “Lewis is such a weird character. ”

Lewis, now 33, first spotted Veronica on Instagram in August 2015 and sent her a private message. He rapidly flew her out to Barbados from her home in Houston, Texas.

Veronica says Lewis, who was on the Caribbean island with a string of other ladies, was at first “sweet” towards her. Be that as it may, she was before long to find how rapidly he lost his temper – after he whisked her away on his private stream fourteen days after the fact.

She stated: “We were on route to New York and Lewis Hamilton went insane after he discovered that the pilot had crapped in the latrine. “He would fire the pilot! He stated, ‘everyone realizes that they shouldn’t take a s*** on my plane’. He was extremely frantic.” Veronica claims Hamilton wanted to fire the pilot for this.

Veronica herself fell in Lewis’ crosshair when she rose out of the loo at one of his properties in the South of France. Another incident occurred a couple of months after the first, at his home in Monaco, I wound up using the latrine that was beside the kitchen to complete a number two. You could tell he was so upset.

Sentiment amongst Veronica and Lewis bit by bit failed out following three months in 2015 – yet she kept on observing him in Barbados every August.

Lewis Hamilton in 2017 used inappropriate comments” about his young nephew

Lewis — who in 2017 won the world title for the fourth time — apologized for his comment against his young nephew wearing a dress.

The F1 pro had posted a video in which he stated: “Young men don’t wear princess dresses.” Veronica said the recording did not astonish her, and she included: “Seeing that video of him with his nephew took it back to me how to mean he could be. Veronica says she has now changed her number in the wake of acknowledging Lewis Hamilton just needed her for sex.

She included: “I extremely loved him, however, sooner or later I felt he simply needed to engage in sexual relations and after that dispose of me.

“I felt like he was utilizing me only for sex. It felt extremely terrible.”

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