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Justin Bieber Channelizing His Break Up Energy to Get His Relationship Back

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Justin Bieber

Many people get devastated after break up with the people they truly love. But Bieber is doing more than better in the same place after breaking with the Selena Gomez.

He has been found much serious about taking himself and his life serious. He is trying to become a better person after this split.

Justin and Selena together …

Justin and Selena’s relationship is as confusing as permutation and combination. When people found something goo on Instagram or Twitter and realized that this is going to be better now, the very next moment they are found on an off edge. But since this march, it seems like both are finally apart from each other.

For people who don’t know about their relationship, their relationship is 10 years old, which is a milestone in Hollywood. They came into the relationship in the year 2009, when Bieber got fame after the launch of the “Baby” song.

Why Justin and Selena broke up?

They broke up because Selena thought Justin was acting like a 2-year-old and he included her in a crime. She and Justin were riding a Four Wheeler in Canada and paparazzi were invading their privacy (as always) and he got even by smashing the vehicle into the paparazzi and killed them. And Selena thought this was immature and very stupid and she had enough, so they broke up again.

How Justin is overcoming this break-up…

Fan of Justin and Selena are very worried about them, they are the most adorable couple in the Hollywood, young, passionate, crazy etc. They have all what a person desire to have in his love life.

After break up, things get pretty much rough but it is seen that Justin is doing great after the separation and trying to become a better person out of it.

A source of HollywoodLife.com tells, “Justin has been working on himself during his time away from Selena. He has been going to bed early, waking up early, exercising daily, hiking, spending time with family and writing a ton of new music.

His goal has been to stay out of trouble and be patient while Selena figures things out. It’s hard because he really loves her a lot, but as long as he is staying busy and productive, he is really happy.” EXCLUSIVELY

Fan’s Hope on prick …

Recently, Justin was seen with the model named Baskin Champion, several times. He was found flirting with him. However it was found later that there was nothing in between them, they both were just having a good time.

It is obvious that after such a long relationship it is difficult to overcome it. However, fans are hoping that they would come back together which is however possible. It is just matter of time.

But till Bieber is doing awesome to her back all over again. Moreover, he is talking with paparazzi nicely and with all due respect. It seems like Bieber learned a lot from this break-up.

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