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Is John Cena a Fake Wrestler? Everything you need to know

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Is John Cena a Fake Wrestler

John Cena has been the most reputed wrestler in the last decade. But you observe him carefully you will find that he has been loved by some fans and also heated by others.

It is true that all superstars are hated and loved but the case of John Cena is different – he has been loved and hated both at the same time. Those who love John Cena finds a lot of positive in him whereas those who hates considers him as a fake wrestler.

For finding out whether John Cena is a fake wrestler or not you have to analyze both his positives and negatives.

Why is  John Cena a Real Wrestler?

Whether you love John Cena or not you can never ignore the following positives of John Cena:

  • John Cena is the 16th time champion in Tieing Ric Flair championship. It has been a great record that anyone can hardly break. When it comes to pro wrestling no wrestler is better than John Cena. No matter whether you love it or not, it is true that –John Cena is the real champion and no wrestler can take this championship from him and only the fool wrestler will decide to play against him.
  • John Cena is one of the best talkers in WWE and his gimmick is one of the old-timers who look down on the younger generation with condescension. He may have spent limited time in the ring, but his verbal abilities are always cherished by his fans.
  • John Cena respects his co-workers. He had a big rivalry with Kevin Owens but if you observer his behavior with him you can understand the simple nature of John Cena. Kevin Owens also has a big fan following and John Cena respects them as well. This quality of John Cena cannot be ignored.
  • Believe it or not, John Cena has been one of the finest WWE wrestlers in the last decade. He has a lot of record win that makes him an iconic figure in the whole WWE fraternity. If you check the record of his wins then you cannot ignore him.

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Why is John Cena a Fake Wrestler?

Yes! it’s true that John Cena has a lot of negatives for which a lot of people do not like him. Some of these controversial characters of John Cena are:

  • John Cena kissed Nikki Bella once in the ring. The awkward kissing scene of John Cena and Nikki Bella is one of the biggest shame in the whole WWE fraternity. Nikki Bella herself was surprised and standing like a plank of wood. Nobody expected a superstar to act such a miserable show openly in the midst of all fans. He may have done this to draw the attention of the fan and opponent, but it is not the correct strategy to win a match. For this reason, a lot of people do not like him.
  • Once John Cena criticized the great superstar The Rock in the Wrestlemania 28 match. John Cena did not have the courage to attack the Rock personally as so started hypocrisy against The Rock and finally returned home despite promising the fans winning the match.
  • John Cena was not present in the Survivor Series PPV match. It was very important to remain there from the business point of view and all the superstar were present except John Cena. John Cena even did not bother to involve himself in the PPV. Apart from that he also did not make his cameo appearance in Survivor Series to help others. And that is why Cena was eliminated in unceremonious fashion by Kurt Angle.
  • The match Reigns vs Cena had become the most underwhelming story angles of all time. The promos of this match came across as scripted and formulaic but the whole thing was just left off. It became worse when fans did not heat a good match in the end and it happened as the chemistry between the two was not good.


Though John Cena has a lot of positives and he is a promising character, but nobody can ignore his negatives. The negatives characters of John Cena have made the fans angry against him and they call him a fake WWE wrestler.

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