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Intermittent Fasting – 18:6 – Down 3.5kg In 5 Weeks

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intermittent fasting 5 weeks

I was pretty much convinced and confident that I may see some positive results if I keep going. I finally checked and the result is here. I did IF 18:6 for 5 weeks, and I have managed to lose 7 lbs. I have to go till I reach up to 145 lbs. This is my target to get slim and fit again so that I could wear my old jeans.

intermittent result 18:6, 5 weeks, down 3.5kg

You must be thinking of doing this, so let’s get started on how I did it. I was never health-conscious or concerned about my health till I start getting symptoms of type-2 diabetes. I had been eating a lot of junk foods day in and day out, but since, I’ve been doing this, I have lost enormous fat, which helps me to have a good night’s sleep, be energetic throughout the day, and big relief in the whole body. Whenever I walk down the street, I feel more light and healthy than ever.

So, this was about me, now let’s talk about you.

If you have been doing it for a week or longer, but you are not getting results. Then you are doing good, just keep moving. It’s a plateau that you have to pass.

How to pass the plateau in weight loss?

If you have started or thinking of starting IF, one thing always keep in mind is that it takes time to show/give you the result. It works well for some people, and sometimes, most people start losing patients before weight because of its delayed result. So never lose hope, especially if you are doing Intermittent fasting, keep moving with your plan whether you are doing 16:8 or 18:6, it will work sooner or later.

If you want faster results, then start adding a 30-minute exercise a day. It will help you cut fat faster. I lost 3 pounds in a week, really? Yes, but it was water fat. The actual journey started after a week, I saw only 1 pound in the second week. It is because I had not been doing exercise, now I do moderate exercise which includes walking and a little jogging.

Be Hydrated

Many people take tea and coffee during IF, which is not bad if you don’t add sugar and milk. If you do so, it might break your fast. That’s why experts suggest having hydrated during fasting by drinking water only. Keep your water drinking habit as it is during your IF.

Drink & Coffee?

Try to minimize sugar, cream, and milk in your coffee. It will help you a lot to lose fat faster. Some people say that adding a splash of cream and milk, don’t do any harm during fasting. If you are a lover of green tea, it is also a good option. The harder you keep fasting, the sooner you see the result.

Final words

If you are losing muscle fat instead of actual fat, consult with your doctor. Or before starting it, have a consultation with your doctor for a better result in case of if you are not sure about calories deficit, etc.

It’s been 5 weeks, I will keep you posted. Until keep doing!

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