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Improve Your Sleep Quality With These 4 Natural Tips

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Sleep quality is undeniably important to your overall health, yet many Americans do not get enough rest every night. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to get sounder slumber when you lie down at night.

Why You Need a Good Night Sleep

Numerous physical and emotional benefits are associated with getting enough sleep (roughly 7-8 hours each night is recommended for adults). Rest helps you stay healthy and avoid sickness, and it’s associated with a lower risk for health hazards like diabetes and heart disease. Sleep will reduce stress throughout the day and improve your mood. Also, getting plenty of rest will help you maintain a healthy weight. 

Now that you know why resting is so important, you can try out a few tips to get better sleep.

1 – Use a Smart Thermostat

If you’re not comfortable, you’ll have a hard time falling asleep at night — or you’ll wake up feeling too hot or cold and not get the amount or quality of rest that you need. The ideal temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. This might be a bit colder than what’s comfortable when you’re not in bed, but thankfully, there’s a workaround: you can use a smart thermostat to automatically set the ideal temperature for sleep time.

2 – Upgrade Your Bed

The temperature needs to be right to sleep soundly, but you also need a comfortable bed. If you’re waking up with any kind of physical discomfort or have trouble falling asleep, you might need to upgrade your mattress. A hypoallergenic mattress or pillows could help you breathe easier and enjoy an uninterrupted night of snoozing. You can also try a few tricks to make your bed more comfortable. For example, you can add some white noise with a fan or use pillows to better support your neck or back.

3 – Adjust Your Diet

If you’re struggling to sleep, it might be your diet that’s getting in the way of your rest. The two main diet strategies for optimizing your rest involve changing what you eat or changing when you eat it. The first approach recommends avoiding coffee in the evening and alcohol before bed. Also, increasing your vitamin B intake can help improve your sleep quality. The second approach focuses on eating more consistently. Eating several small meals throughout the day will help you fall and stay asleep. 

4 – Try Melatonin

Over-the-counter supplements, such as melatonin, can help you get sound sleep every night. People who have sleep disorders may use melatonin consistently to get the rest that they need. It’s also commonly used to help reset a person’s sleep cycle, which is often disrupted by a new job or by traveling. Some side effects may occur, but if adjusting your diet doesn’t help, melatonin could help you get the rest needed for a healthier lifestyle.

Sleep is key to maintaining good health, but it can be elusive. Thankfully, those looking for sounder sleep have several options. Try out these tips to rest easier every night, and look forward to the health benefits associated with quality slumber.

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