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How To Use Nearpod In The Classroom?

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Hello Friends, If you are looking for a trick to using Nearpod in your classroom, then you guys came to the right place. I have been using this software since 2017, and it helps me a lot in making a presentation and for more stuff.

It is tough being a teacher in the current time; students have access to the internet where they can learn anything they want. So, they usually don’t pay much attention to the class. It doesn’t go down well because as helpful as the internet is, it is also a place where someone can get lost easily.

Hence, you need a tool that helps you engage students. Nearpod is the just thing you need as you can do whatever your mind thinks of with the tool. To make things easy for you, we have listed a few things which you can do using Nearpod in the classroom –

  1. Simple Presentation Delivery: Other than creating an engaging presentation, you can export your presentation to the student’s computer, and they can view it from there. Students can zoom into key areas just by using pinch gestures. All of these are features to make your presentation interactive.
  2. Personalized for a group: You can also use Nearpod to focus on a single student or a small group. You can focus more on them, give separate work so that they study better. This can be used for a late starter or for students who can’t keep up the normal pace.
  3. Live Assessment: While presenting a new topic, you can add quizzes as an assessment tool. Imagine you are teaching a tough topic, using this live quiz within the presentation, you can see which students are learning and which aren’t. You can also get a live report of the quiz or later on read a comprehensive report of each student or get an overview of the class.
  4. Self-assessment: This is a very important tool for both students and teachers. After each quiz, students can self-assess themselves. After which a report is prepared which teachers can read to get a better understanding. Plus, students also understand the situation they are in which is also beneficial,
  5. Setting Home Works: Aside from the live session, Nearpod also has a feature that teachers can use to set homework either for everyone or individual as they prefer. Students can then easily access them from any device with Nearpod account.
  6. Creative tasks: All of the above were tasks that you normally expect in a classroom. Hence Nearpod offers features where teachers can give open-ended tasks to students, and then the students can do whatever they like. Students have a creative license in the quiz, and they are learning in the process.

Here, I have mentioned some of the ways how to use Nearpod in the classroom. The tool is filled with personalization, so you create a lot more as a student and a teacher. Our device is to try it at least and see where it takes you. 

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