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How to Tell Your Sports Bra Is Doing its Job

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In theory, a sports bra should be an incredibly simple piece of clothing. It is something women wear when they work out. However, when it comes to finding the right sports bra, things get complicated.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all sports bra. There are many options to choose from. You can get a breathable sports bra, sports bras with crisscrossing straps, sports bras with zippers or claps—and just about everything in between.

Knowing which type of bra works the best for you will boil down to personal preference. However, no matter which option you choose, to know that your sports bra is performing its job, it should be doing some pretty specific things.

It Should be Tight

As mentioned, the reason you are wearing a sports bra is to keep your breasts in place, which means that it should be tight. However, there is a difference between the bra being tight enough to do its job and so tight that it is squeezing the life out of you. If it feels like you can’t breathe when wearing your sports bra, it means that it is too tight, and you need to look for a different size.

The right amount of tightness provided by your sports bra should ensure that the movement of your breasts is decreased by half. To find out if the bra is doing its job, try jumping up and down or jogging in place. If your chest moves only a bit, then your bra is functioning correctly.

It Should be Comfortable

Exercising has its fair share of discomfort. From sweat dripping into your eye or muscles getting sore, you need to feel some burn to know that your efforts are paying off. Your sports bra shouldn’t contribute to any pain. Thus, if the straps dig into your shoulders or the bra rubs under your arms, then you aren’t wearing a comfortable sports bra and need to look for something else.

Also, your sports bra should keep you cool. When you sweat as you work out, your sports bra shouldn’t make matters worse. Getting a breathable sports bra that has mesh vents or is made from moisture-wicking fabric can help with that endeavour. 

Another indicator of a comfortable sports bra is that it will feel light. You’ll always be aware that you have a sports bra on, but as it gets drenched in sweat, it shouldn’t move around on your body. If you have to readjust your sports bra to ensure it is doing its job as you sweat, then you should consider looking into another style or size.

It Should Feel Good

Through use, the material on your sports bra will stretch and lose its elasticity. When this happens, you may notice that it feels looser and doesn’t provide the same amount of support it once used to. That is a good indicator that it is time to look for a new sports bra that will work optimally and encourage you to continue working out.

You know how important it is for your health and wellbeing to be active. When it comes to staying motivated and exercising, you need the right equipment—and one of the most important things you should be wearing as a woman is a sports bra. Finding the right one can take some time and effort, and knowing if it is working properly means it keeps things in place and feels good.

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