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How to Style a Yellow Sofa in Your Living Room?

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How to Style a Yellow Sofa in Your Living Room?

Yellow isn’t usually the go-to choice for sofas, but it’s definitely an underrated color. All of the sofas in yellow that you’ll see online are vibrant and eye-catching, and they can look perfect in any home.

As great as yellow sofas are, styling them in your home definitely requires a little more compared to styling a standard black or white sofa. You’ll need to adjust your interior design to align with your bright yellow sofa and create a cohesive and stylish area in your home.

Once your yellow sofa is in place, you can enjoy accessorizing and enhancing your interior design. Whether you place it in your living room or your bedroom, your yellow sofa will make your home look inviting and cozy.

Here are some top tips to make styling a yellow sofa in your living room easy and effective.

Find matching yellow accessories

The easiest way to make your yellow sofa blend in nicely with the rest of the room is to buy similar-colored accessories. Whether you purchase yellow rugs, curtains, or ornaments, your accessories can bring your interior design together.

You don’t need to use yellows of the same tone for every accessory. Mixing up the tones and shades of your yellow furniture and accessories adds more character and variety to your living room.

Mellow yellows are the perfect way to introduce the color in your home without making it look too overwhelming or garish.

Avoid clashing colors directly above your sofa

If your sofa is against a wall, try to keep the space directly above it clear. Adding a large print to the wall can draw your attention away from the sofa and make your room look messy, regardless of how clean you keep it! 

You can add a few small pieces of wall art or a couple of family photos on the wall but avoid using large pieces with clashing colors in the space directly above your sofa. Avoid adding an accent wall directly behind the sofa for the same reason.

Combine the yellow sofa with other colors

We’re often told not to mix multiple colors in interior design. However, there’s nothing wrong with combining more than one vibrant color in the same room of your home.

Yellow matches most other colors, so consider adding some additional tones to your interior design. You might want to include some pink and red florals on the sideboard or lay down a bright blue and green patterned rug to contrast your yellow sofa.

Keep your walls and carpet neutral

When you’ve got bright accessories and furniture in your living room, it’s best to keep the walls and carpet as neutral as possible. 

Stick to black, grey, beige, or white to prevent the room from looking too cluttered. Neutral shades won’t clash with your colorful sofa or draw your eyes away from the vibrant accessories in your living room.

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