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How to Setup Plex Media Server?

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Setup Plex Media Server

Plex is a media server which a user can install on his computer and then access his media from anywhere and on any kind of device. Plex media server syncs the user’s media files with his device allowing him to access them from anywhere. You can watch USA Network TV on Roku through Plex Media Server. This article is a tutorial which will teach the user “How to setup Plex Media server” quickly and easily.

Step 1: Downloading Plex Media Server

You can download the Plex Media Server on your computer through the official website or from here. Users can playback multiple screens using Plex and it prepares your files for certain devices or for the available bandwidth.

So if your server isn’t powerful enough you won’t be able to play content from YouTube TV, Roku, USA Network, etc. So you need to choose your server according to your pc and the way you will be using Plex media server.

Step 2: Installing and Running the Plex Media Server

The installation is very simple and is similar to any software which you use on your computer. It has a .exe file which you need to run.

When you run the server for the first time, it will open the browser and ask you to create an account with Plex.TV website. You will be asked to create a User ID, password and accept the terms & condition.

Step 3: Finalizing Plex Media Server

Once the user creates the account, he can log in the media server. The user now has access to the server and its contents. There the user can customize the library according to his preferences and keep things he is interested in. The users can now stream YouTube TV, USA networks etc using the server.

The User can then sort the offline media in the library in 5 types (movies, TV shows, music, photos, and home videos).

Step 4: Installing flex apps

Then you can download the Plex app on iPhone, Android, Roku, Smart TV, Xbox, or other devices, to access the media server file. Log in with the same account and you are free to watch anything anywhere.

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