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How to Rock Cocktail Attire as a Lady Killing the Show

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Rock Cocktail Attire

Cocktail parties are usually for the classy and often noble members of society. It is merely a party that is not so formal, and yet not so casual. The watchword for attending them is utmost decency and dignity.

If you are wondering what to do and what to avoid in choosing your cocktail attires as a woman, this post will guide you on how to use cocktail dresses and accentuate them.

Our list of dos and don’ts include:

1.  Dress Modestly

As a woman, it is essential to dress in a modest way that will not draw unnecessary attention to you. It is about hitting the right balance of sexiness and modesty without appearing vulgar.

2.  Avoid Informal Clothing

Like we have previously highlighted, cocktail parties are formal parties, and there is a generally accepted code of dressing for both men and women. For a woman, for instance, it will be out of place to appear in a pair of jeans. Instead of jeans, consider wearing pantsuits or chic trousers.

3.  Avoid Long-Trailing Gowns

Long gowns that trail along as you walk can be a disaster in cocktail parties. You will cause quite a scene when someone mistakenly steps on it, and you slip over. The best options for gowns would include midi size and long-sleeved ankle-length blouses. Bigger women will always make a lovely impression on plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves.

4. Don’t Expose Your Underwear

When wearing a cocktail gown, it is easy for underwear to be visible. A stick-on bra will be the best bet to avoid mishaps. For a voluptuous woman, wearing plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves will be most ideal as the sleeves will hide a peeking bra.

5. Don’t Wear Inappropriate Footwear

Among footwear that could be classified as inappropriate for cocktail parties are flip flops, gladiators, flat sandals, and boots. You don’t want to kill the vibe of the ceremony. You should wear high heels, pumps, or wedges, which will enhance your figure.

6. Don’t Carry Huge Handbags

To improve your feminine grace and carriage, avoid carrying huge handbags. We know the usual temptation that you will need accessories; hence, the urge to go into the hall with your oversized bag. You should save yourself much inconvenience by merely going with a clutch bag. You can keep your essentials in the car and visit them from time to time.

7. Don’t Go with Rumpled Clothes

Because of the unique nature of cocktail attires, there is a strong possibility of storing them away after each use. You need to ensure that they are correctly dry-cleaned and ironed. Failing to do so will make you end up going for a cocktail looking all rumpled and ruffled, which you will undoubtedly regret. Plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves when rumpled tend to make you look excessively flabby and unkempt.

The bottom line in dressing for cocktail parties is to wear what will make you comfortable and pleasant. Look chic and rock the admiring glances!

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