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How to Ensure a Safe and Fun EDM Event Experience?

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EDM events combine two elements, music and dancing. Many swear by the ability of EDM events to bring out the most significant moments of ecstasy and joy. There can be many risks involved when attending these events if you aren’t careful. To ensure that you have a thoroughly enjoyable experience, it pays to be vigilant.

Fortunately, there are many methods to stay safe at an EDM event, and they are very easily achievable.

Check the Location Beforehand

When you book your tickets for  edm events las vegas, you’ll notice that these concerts can get dark and loud very quickly. It makes it challenging to identify where emergency exits are. It’s better to know these points beforehand because it can end up saving your life down the line.

Map out the emergency exits before you enter the event venue. Fortunately, a simple Google of the site can reveal that information rather quickly. The best event organizers will have signs outside that mark emergency paths, so keep an eye out for them.

Identify Security

Sometimes, incidents at these types of events aren’t significant enough to warrant running towards an emergency exit. Often, you’ll need security personnel to keep the peace, or to attend to a complaint.

Again, because things can get dark and loud, it helps if you identify what security at your particular event looks like and where they are stationed.

Ideally, if there is one central security station, then you should make a note of those two, so you can run to it efficiently when needed. Regularly check if security people move around to ensure you have that knowledge easily accessible.

Bring a Burner Phone

With so many people around, it’s challenging to keep tabs on your valuables. If possible, rather than bringing an expensive smartphone, you should lug a cheaper, older model GSM phone. These are the ones that allow for call or text.

This lets you stay in constant contact with family or friends and gives you the peace of mind that your phone won’t die. Additionally, using this type of phone turns away, anybody who may have less than friendly intentions. Ensure that you also report to a loved one, preferably not at the event, about your location regularly.

Avoid the Alcohol

It makes it harder to stay safe when you’re inebriated, so it’s best not to get too drunk. Many of the best EDM events in Las Vegas can be enjoyed without a single whiff of alcohol. If you must drink, it’s best to do so in the company of responsible friends and moderate amounts. This will leave you a clear head and a controlled body to better enjoy the free-flowing music and dance!

The truth is that EDM concerts aren’t any more dangerous than any other fun shows that you can attend. The key to maximizing your enjoyment is simply taking care of yourself and being aware of your surroundings.


With these simple tips, you can maximize your enjoyment while minimizing your risks. Also, ensure that you book your event tickets from trustworthy websites.

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