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How to Deal With Theft At Home?

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Theft at home is one of the worst experiences any family can encounter. For families with maids, fingers tend to be naturally pointed at them since maids are considered as outsiders. 

Accusing your maid wrongfully is both dishonorable and heavily frowned at by the law. Remember that the law presumes an accused person innocent until proven guilty. It is therefore advisable that you don’t err on the side of caution.

If in any case, you are looking for something valuable at home and suspect that your maid must have stolen it, this post will give you guidelines on the necessary steps you should take. 

1.    Conduct a thorough search first

You must remember that accusing you maid wrongfully will most likely damage your relationship and she may never recover from the emotional trauma. 

They may not be able to work with the required level of confidence that most Dallas maids have. You may be surprised to find out that you misplaced your valuable yourself, so be doubly sure before stirring the hornet’s nest. 

2.    Ask your family members

Most Dallas maids are trained by the recruiting agencies to avoid theft even at the fiercest temptations. You will save yourself and everyone else a whole lot of trouble by discretely asking your family members if anyone saw the missing item. In doing this, you must also request that no one questions the maid directly.

3.    Get proof

If you still haven’t found the missing item and none of your family members knows anything about its whereabouts, remain calm and patient. You must try to gather proof by monitoring your maid and decipher if she is in the habit of stealing. Installing a secret camera or a CCTV is an effective way of carrying out your surveillance. 

4.    Ask her diplomatically

Whether your camera has caught something or not, tact and care is still required before accusing your maid of theft. You need to apply a diplomatic approach by saying you may have misplaced an item and asking if she has seen it. 

This is a better approach than a direct accusation which will most likely have grievous consequences. Some maids may resort to physical attacks, blackmail, poisoning, or any other means of getting back at you. You don’t want to risk that.

5.    Notify the recruiting agency

If you have asked and your maid insists that she hasn’t seen the missing item, discretely contact the agency and make your report. They will have their in-house methods of handling the matter which will be safer for you and will most importantly, prevent you from accusing her wrongly. 

Most agencies will recall her immediately and provide a replacement. You may also likely contact a different agency to save yourself from any spillover effects of the situation. 

The bottom line is that you are better off preventing the theft in the first place. Installing noticeable CCTV cameras will discourage your maid from stealing or any other unwholesome act.  It is also recommended that you safely store your valuables to minimize any temptations.

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