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How To Choose an ATV Storage Box?

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ATV Storage Box

If you are planning to do farm work, carry equipment or take your ATV for a hunting trip, you will need a quad storage box. These containers come in various shapes and can be mounted on different parts of the vehicle. Some of them can carry specific items like weapons, tools or products that require cooling.

Before you decide to buy one, take a look at the features of the most popular storage trunks on the market. Don’t make your final decision unless you have carefully considered your needs. Don’t buy the cheapest model in the store. If a cargo box is made of sub-par materials or lacks the options you need, it will be nothing but a waste of money.

Why Do You Need To Purchase a Cargo Trunk?

Most ATVs don’t provide enough storage space if you are planning to use them for purposes other than recreational riding. You might also require additional containers for food and drinks, or small miscellaneous items.

Learn how much weight your ATV can carry. The regular-sized vehicle has a total payload capacity of about 500 pounds or 225 kilograms. Subtract your own weight, and you will get the cargo carrying capacity of your quad. Generally, the front rack can carry about a third of the cargo load. It’s better to put heavier equipment on the rear rack.

If you have a racing ATV model, it might have no racks for ATV cargo boxes at all. Most recreational quads have at least a rear rack. Utilitarian vehicles have both, and sometimes even a bed. While you can carry more weight than recommended, it will make your quad much harder to handle. If you have to haul heavy weights often, buy an ATV trailer or divide every load into smaller parts and make several hauling trips.

ATV Cargo Boxes: Types, Shapes and Sizes

Most storage trunks on the market are manufactured from heavy-duty plastic that can resist extremely cold and hot weather, and protect your cargo from the elements. Some boxes are made from aluminum, fiberglass or other composites and metals. They come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the ATV model and the intended application of the container.

Quad storage boxes fall into three main categories:

  • Rear-mounted,
  • Front-mounted,
  • Bed cargo boxes.

Rear-mounted cargo boxes often have a U-shape that makes the container fit better around the driver’s seat. This feature increases the capacity of the container and makes your ride ergonomic. Some storage trunks are designed to function as a passenger’s seat. These models are generally a bit pricier.

Front-mounted storage boxes are relatively small and have a low profile. They are made this way to avoid obstructing the driver’s view. Most models can be mounted on the ATV cargo racks, some have other ways of securing the container. They are sold with the hardware that helps to fasten them in place. Front boxes are typically used to carry drinks, tools, emergency items, documents and keys.

Some ATVs feature a bed or can have an aftermarket dump bed installed. In this case you can buy a spacious rectangular-shaped ATV box that can be secured to the bed of your vehicle. These storage trunks are usually larger than rear- or front-mounted models. Their size is limited by the size of the bed and the cargo carrying capacity of your quad.

Selecting the Right Storage Box for Your ATV

Here are a few tips that will help you find a storage trunk that is right for you.

  • While high-density plastic is a great material, you might want to buy a cargo trunk with a metal coating or a double-wall lid if you are planning to do some extensive mud riding.
  • You will need spacious containers if you like going on long trips.
  • If you spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure that the storage trunk can protect its contents from bad weather and elements. Choose waterproof trunks that have rubber sealing.
  • Buy storage boxes that are sold with special mounting hardware. It will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • A rear box with a back rest will provide additional comfort to your passenger during the ride.
  • Hunters should purchase gun boxes that are designed for their model of firearm. Some of them can accommodate several weapons of different sizes. Select a model that has a secure lock.
  • There are cargo boxes that can double as coolers. They come with insulated walls, cup holders and drain plugs.

When choosing a cargo box remember to maintain good visibility and proper weight balance of your quad. Buy durable storage trunks from a reputable manufacturer. Using storage boxes is not the only way to haul cargo. Other popular means of increasing the storage space of your ATV include cargo carriers, baskets and bags.

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