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How to Change Problematic Eating Behavior

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Eating Behavior

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the refrigerator, picking away, and not quite knowing why you’re there? Or have you settled in to watch your favorite TV show, a bag of potato chips on your side, and 10 minutes later, wondered where all the chips went? 

Alternatively, have you ever sat down at a bar and realized you finished the bowl of peanuts even before you started drinking your beer?

If you have, then welcome to the world of people with problematic eating behaviors! These are the behaviors that prompt you to eat the wrong food, in excessive amounts, at the wrong time. The result – you either suffer from self-pity or from complete amnesia seconds later.

These behaviors are hard to restrain since the time that you do it, you’re in a complete trance. You never realized the calories you munched, which results in a significant disaster.

To determine whether or not you’re a picker, ask yourself if these statements are true for you:

  1. Once you start to pop, you can’t stop.
  2. Instead of using utensils, you prefer eating food with your bare hands.
  3. Every time you see the fridge, all you can think about is food.
  4. You eat when you’re depressed.
  5. You believe it’s a mortal sin to not finish everything on your plate.
  6. You binge when nobody sees you. 
  7. You skip breakfast.
  8. You like to take home leftovers from the restaurant.
  9. Instead of baked chicken thigh recipe, you like to cook fried chicken and other kinds of oily and fatty food.
  10. You like pizza, hotdogs, and burgers. 

If you 9 out of these 10 statements were true for you, congratulations, you’re a certified problematic eater. 

 More people have gained weight from what they eat before, after, and in between meals than from what they consume at mealtime.

There are several tricks you can use to break yourself of those problematic eating behaviors.

  1. Never eat while standing up. If you’re sitting down, you’re paying attention to what you eat. This makes you conscious of what you take in. If you’re mindful, you are in control.
  2. Make it a habit to plan your meals ahead of time. You can keep track of your food consumption if you make a conscious effort to plan what you’ll eat. This is also an excellent way to train your mind to steer clear of junk food. 
  3. Stay away from greasy food. Instead of frying your chicken, learn a new baked chicken thigh recipe. Baked meat is always healthier and better compared to fried ones. 
  4. No eating while cooking. There is a big difference between taste tasting and eating before the food gets on the table.
  5. No eating while on the phone. You can’t pay attention to what you eat when you’re on the phone.
  6. Make it a habit to use spoon and fork when eating. This will help you curb your appetite by eating slower and in smaller quantities. Heard of the famous line, “finger-licking good?” well, that explains everything why you should not eat with your fingers.
  7. Replace red meat with chicken, fish, and vegetables. Chicken tastes good, no matter how you cook it, and it will still not deprive you of meat. Check out Valentina’sCorner for delectable and tasty baked chicken thigh recipe. Chicken is a good source of protein so you can get the nutrients while you’re correcting your eating patterns. 

To kick start a healthier, cleaner, and better eating habits, check out Valentina’s Corner for new recipes and cooking videos. Her baked chicken recipes are to die for. Who said that healthy food couldn’t be tasty? With Valentina’s recipes, food can be truly enjoyed by everyone. 

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