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How much Money does America spend on education?

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America spend on education

Although not always, a country’s national education budget has a major influence on the country’s development. Almost all the major countries in the world have a good public education system, and are also supported by a large budget (when compared to the average countries in the world spend their money on education).

Countries like the United States or Japan certainly have a much larger allocation of education funds compared to countries like India or Pakistan.

The United States is one of the countries with the best public education system in the world and of course this superpower is worthy of being a role model for any country that wants to improve its education system.

Actually how much funds are spent by schools in the United States? It should be noted that this great country consists of more than fifty states with different authorities from one another.

One state may apply education allocations that are different from other states and to get a complete picture of how the education system in the US spends money, we can take several major countries as examples.

Look at Pennsylvania Case!

In this article we will discuss about Pennsylvania, a large state that can be considered to represent the US as a whole.

Friedman Foundation is a foundation that is well known because it often makes important polls about everything that affects US society. In a poll, the foundation reported on the opinions of Pennsylvania people about the average amount of money the state spent per student in school.

The data shows that the state spends no less than $ 10,000 per student in school. However, most respondents tended to underestimate real money and they often put an estimate on half the actual budget. Actual data might surprise cynics in Pennsylvania because this state, every year, actually spends $ 3000 more than most other states in the US.

In other words, the average state in the US spends about $ 7,000 to $ 8,000. However, in recent years, the majority of voters seem to have a tendency to demand a reduction in funding for education spending.

In another poll by Next Education, some of those who demanded a reduction want funding to drop to 9 points in percentage. In fact, these costs certainly do not include individual costs such as the use of online writing services like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, WritingCheap and so on.

Reduced Awareness

In the Pennsylvania case, awareness of the importance of education financing is slightly reduced and this certainly has several reasons. One of them is how public school unions have launched a massive campaign of reducing education funding.

In Pennsylvania, the American Federation of Teachers and the Pennsylvania State Education Association have spent quite a lot of money, mostly taken from union fees, political advertisements, newspaper advertisements and so on.

Funding decreases because stimulus disappears and this collides with expenditure from state tax money. However, this year’s public education funding in Pennsylvania is in the highest position (compared to previous years); this is contrary to the claims of trade union leadership. In other words, claims often do not reflect the actual situation.

Pennsylvania might be a good example of how public education funding is greatly influenced by the size of the tax and most importantly, the political will of community representatives in the state to increase or decrease the funding in question.

It should be noted, there is one important factor of the rise and fall of public funding, namely the fluctuation of pension costs. From the data above we can conclude that in general, public education funding can reach up to $ 7,000 to $ 8,000 per student in school even though there is always a tendency to deny the nominal range.

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