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How Much Is Mark Bell’s Net Worth 2019?

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Mark Bell is a famous American weightlifter, an ex-wrestler, and owner of the Team Super Training Gym. During his wrestling days, he was known as JackAss or Smelly.

He was born on 10th December 1976 in Poughkeepsie in NY. He is the youngest of three brothers. He was interested in weight lifting from an early age. He entered his first powerlifting meet at the age of 13. By the time he finished high school, he was a famous teenage powerlifter in the USA.

He won a lot of national awards in weight lifting. During college, he also trained for boxing and wrestling. It was wrestling that won his heart as he pursued a career in it after graduation. It was the right choice as his career was a big hit. However, he couldn’t stay from weight lifting much, and he quit wrestling in 2008.

After which he joined the United States Powerlifting Federation. He achieved multiple No. 1 in American weight lifting competition. He finally retired from his beloved sport in 2014. But, he couldn’t stay away from it, so he opened his own brand of gym, Team Super Training Gym.

Mark is also responsible for inventing a few gym devices, editing ThePowerMagazine.com, and putting training videos on SuperTrainingTV.website. He also has his own weekly show named PowerCast, where he introduces the public to the world of athletes and lifters. He also posts videos on his YouTube Channel.

Mark doesn’t like revealing much about his personal life, but he admitted that he was bullied in school. In the year 2000, he got married to Andee Greves, and the couple has two children. Andee is also a sports enthusiast, especially swimming.

Mark isn’t active in charity, but he does voice his opinion and support to fellow weight lifters. His gym is a smash hit, and he is earning a lot from it and other contracts. All of which bring his net worth to 3$ Million.

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