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How Much Is Kathy Bates Net Worth?

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Kathy Bates

Kathy is one of the most renowned and celebrated American actresses in Hollywood and theater fraternity. In the 1990s, she gained national attention after her portraying ‘Annie Wilkes in Misery. Her role is still listed in ‘100 Greatest Character of All time.’

She was born on June 28, 1948, in Memphis, Tennessee. Her parents were working middle-class. She attended ‘White Station High School.“ While in school, Kathy learned her acting for acting and decided to make a career in it. Hence she enrolled in Southern Methodist University and majored in theater and drama in 1969.

After her graduation, she started acting in theater. In 1971, she decided to move to New York, where she secured her first feature film “Taking Off”. Over the years, she featured in many theater plays and movies winning a Tony nomination as well. Then she landed on a psychotic fan in ‘misery’ which gave her the academy award for best actress.

Over her years, she has appeared In various films, plays, and TV shows. Her latest work includes Mike & Molly” and “American Horror Story: Hotel”. Over her career which span over 5 decades, she has received 130 nominations.  She has won 2 Golden Globes, 2 Prime time Emmy. 3 American Comedy awards among many others.

Kathy used to date from his university days. It came as no surprise when she married ‘Tony Scampi’ in 1991. They were together for six years before getting divorced in 1997. Her other love interest was Rodrigo Semporaci who she started dating in 2006, but they parted ways in 2009. She doesn’t have any children and after which many gossips about her being a lesbian.

In between these two relationships, Kathy fought breast cancer and finally fought it off. After which she became a proactive ambassador for Lymphatic Education & Research Network as she was suffering from lymph-edema herself.

Net Worth:

Kathy Bates is the entertainment industry for a very long time and earned her fortune via it. She is one of the most respectable women, and she demanded more than $100 thousand per episode in her TV shows. She is prominent in charity after her fight with cancer, and her net worth is estimated to be $32 million.

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